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Motivational Speaking
Motivational and Inspirational Speech
Doing the Impossible, Cutting Through Fear
The Impossible is NOT Impossible: How YOU can do the IMPOSSIBLE and Change the World!

FACE your FEARS, DARE to LIVE! The IMPOSSIBLE is NOT imPOSSIBLE! Swallowing the Sword, Cutting Through Fear: The Art and Science of Doing the Impossible: What swallowing swords taught me about overcoming fear. Child of ridicule. Target of bullies. Wimp. Loser. Role model. 40x World Champion Sword Swallower Ig Nobel Prize Winner TEDx Speaker Dan Meyer In his talk "Doing the Impossi...


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Run the Race to Win
Finding Your True Meaning and Purpose

A keynote based on the words of the Apostle Paul about running the race to win. There are obstacles that we all must face and overcome, if we are to discover God's purpose for our lives, and live out that purpose. This message is very inspiring to those of the Christian Faith, as I expand on the analogy of running the race to help each person overcome their own personal obstacles and challenges ...


Travels From: Sacramento, CA
Fee Range: Varies

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Spiritual Powerlifting
a 28 day Journey Toward Enlightenment

People throughout the world have been on a quest almost since the beginning of time to achieve a closer link with the Infinite. Various regimens crossing the major religions have been established to bring believers to a better spiritual relationship with their God. Some of them work better than others. In this 1 hour session Brendan J. Cunningham will discuss some of the features and highlights ...


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: Available upon request

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