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Stepping Up to Stand Out
What successful people have done to become successful.

In my 30-year business career, I have met and worked with some of the most successful people in the world. I have learned a thing or two from them, but mostly, what makes them successful. In my years as a professional speaker, I have had the opportunity to hear other speakers, many of which are billed as motivational speakers or what I refer to as "blind climbers;" individuals who have had to over...


Travels From: Nashville, TN
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Making the Needle Move: Select Metrics That Drive World Class Behaviors and Epic Results
Choosing and leveraging business metrics to achieve the desired outcomes and drive the most effective behaviors in staff members

Traditionally, business metrics or key performance indicators (KPI’s) have been defined as any type of measurement used to gauge some quantifiable component of a company's performance. Examples include EBITDA, Sales versus Plan, First Pass Quality, Sales per Employee and Supplier Quality. But do these KPI’s engage the head, heart and hands of every employee in the organization? Not usually. Ef...


Travels From: Pittsburgh, PA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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