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From Trauma to Triumph
Gleaning Meaning from Painful Life Events

It has not only been my professional mission, but also my personal journey. While my life had all the trappings of being ever so perfect, looks were really quite deceiving. Underneath the surface was a world which few people knew, and which I strove to keep others from detecting. I knew in my heart that I was different, that no one would really understand, that if only they knew, they would...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: Varies

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Faith through it All!
"Every flower has to go through a lot of dirt!"

HOLLY'S SPEAKING TOPICS ​Faith through it All! "Every flower has to go through a lot of dirt!" Positively Positive! Your Attitude Your Choice! I Am What I Am - Dating after a Brain Injury Living with a Seizure Disorder after Traumatic Brain Injury Homeopathic Healing with a Traumatic Brain Injury Gut / Brain Health Connection - What to eat and drink with a TBI? Grief after a Traumatic Bra...


Travels From: Duluth, MN
Fee Range: Open

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Focus on Real-Ability vs. Dis-Ability
Appearances vs. Reality

How would you illustrate my disability? Can you see it? Smell it? Hear it? See it? Feel it? Hidden disabilities are just that as far as the public is concerned. I focus on my strengths, my abilities, but have recently decided to go public with my invisible disabilities in an effort to help the millions of others with similar situations. To inspire audiences to look beyond appearance to see rea...


Travels From: NYC, NY
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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