Austin, TX June 15, 2011

News Media Sources And Other Companies Look For Experts To Address The Issues After Starbucks Story Breaks

On June 13th, three employees at a Starbucks in Long Island, NY were witnessed reprimanding a fourth employee for being gay and then fired him on the spot in front of customers. In a matter of hours, the news of this story spread like a wildfire across the internet and news stations, and the Twitter and Facebook pages of Starbucks received thousands of posts and comments from people all over the world.

In today’s high-speed, super-connected society, incidents like this get international attention and news media scramble to find experts—experts on employee-employee interactions, corporation crisis management, diversity training, etc. Not only does the news media begin search for experts, but other companies, not wanting a similar incident with their employees, begin to search for diversity experts to address their employees.

But searching for a speaker or an expert on a particular topic can be a frustrating task if you don’t know where to begin. The problem with most speaker bureau sites is that they only provide a list of names that planners have to search through to find what they’re looking for—and even then, in order to get an idea about what topic each speaker presents and how they present it, speakers have to go through a plethora of different web sites to obtain video, audio, or writing samples.

To address these problems, SpeakerMatch 2.0 (, the brain-child of Bryan Caplovitz, was launched at the end of May. The brand new system is unlike any other online speaker’s bureau. By using, meeting planners can browse by topic or search by keyword for a program that fits their unique needs.

Once they find a particular speaker, planners can visit the speaker’s profile page and view video and audio clips, pictures, and writing samples of that speaker to make sure that speaker fits the planner’s needs.

SpeakerMatch also allows planners to post job opportunities that speakers can respond to.

The best part is that using these services as a planner is that they are free. For more information, visit

SpeakerMatch has been the leading source of emerging speakers for non-profits, associations, and volunteer organizations since 2002.

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