Press Releases: A Tool to Build Your Name

Posted on June 21, 2011

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned press releases as a tool to build your name. Press releases are a great way to get you publicity, especially if your press release gets posted online. Here are the three results you get from writing press release, according to Dan Janal of PR Leads:

  1. Bragging rights. You’ll build credibility.
  2. Clientele retention/generation. Press releases help you with:

·  current clients because you become the leading expert and they’ll want to keep you,

·  prospective clients because they’ll see you’re a leading expert and want to have you, and

·  past clients because they will see you’re still on your game and a great resource to return to.

  1. Report and trust. You can use press releases on your speaking profile to help build report and trust.

Here are three tips for writing a successful press release:

  • Use keywording technique in your title. Use something like Google Keyword Tool to find all popularly search terms relevant to your topic. Sprinkle these terms throughout the press release and make sure to have some in the headline.
  • Follow press release formatting. A press release is a business document and should follow a specific format. The document should be about 500 words. For more information on formatting, visit,, or
  • Niche your press release. Like all other aspects of marketing yourself, in selling your press release it is important to market a specific audience. For example, if you have ten tips to motivate individuals, instead of trying to market that broad topic, narrow down the scope to something more like:

Ten Tips to Motivate (accountants, lawyers, children, physician’s assistants, etc.)

You can even use the same ten tips with minor tweaks to the content, by changing out the keywords, and by marketing each separately.

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