Post Divorce Empowerment

Post Divorce Empowerment

The importance of emotional healing

There is nothing that saddens me more than to see others who have gone through a divorce and barely managed to survive it. They are left hurting, angry, bitter, and wandering through life without purpose, many times without hope. This talk is designed to motivate those who have suffered a divorce to seek healing, re-invent themselves, and take their life back. It focuses on the importance of refusing to stay angry and bitter, learning to “examine the body” of the deceased marriage to find out where they went wrong, how to recognize true healing, and how to learn to love their life again. For a business setting, I can modify this speech to tell my own personal story of triumph as a single mom going through a divorce. My decision to seek emotional healing affected my business, my relationship with my clients, my leadership skills etc. The modified speech is one of the importance of self improvement before business improvement. Meeting your personal goals make you more likely to meet your professional ones.

Amanda Nicole — Motivational Speaker

Amanda Nicole

Delivering truth...transcribed

Life is too short to be anything but your best self. My mission is to help others find out who that person really is and why they are so amazing. It's always my desire that after someone hears me speak, they are compelled to change their life!

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