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Align with a Seminar Company to Grow Your Speaking Business

Plus, learn what successful restaurateurs already know and how you can apply their business model

Starting any new business can be quite a challenge. SpeakerMatch has observed that “31 out of 32 people who try to launch a speaking business fail.” Similarly, an Ohio State University study found that 26% of restaurants fail in their first year, and 57-61% in their first three years. One of the ways that restaurant owners help to ensure their survival is to align themselves with a national chain. Did you know that you, as an emerging speaker, can also do the same? National seminar companies possess the marketing muscle that the typical speaker cannot afford. For instance, one seminar company mails in excess of 200 million brochures annually to promote their events. One of those events could be yours! During our hour, you will learn about the priceless, varied and unique experiences you can gain by working with a national seminar company. But we will also explore the potential dark side of you contracting with the national seminar companies.

Guest : Ted Janusz
Fee : Free
Duration : 60 Minutes
Date : Thursday, April 4, 2013
Time : 1:00 pm Eastern | 12:00 pm Central
11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific
Audio Introduction

What You Will Learn:

  • What is a typical day like working for a seminar company
  • What is expected of me
  • How much can I earn
  • How do I apply

About Our Guest

Ted Janusz

Ted Janusz is a public speaker who has worked for all three of the major national seminar companies, delivering over 500 presentations in 49 of the 50 United States (exception: Wyoming), across Canada and Puerto Rico. As a result, he has gained experience in public and onsite seminar formats, Webinars and speaker showcases. In addition, after a nationwide search, he was selected by eBay to deliver “eBay University” to hundreds of attendees at each site eager to start their own businesses on the popular auction site. To share his business insights, Janusz was invited to appear on Geraldo at Large on the Fox News Network. He earned his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Janusz is the author of two popular audio CDs: “How to Market Your Speaker Business on a Shoestring (When Your Shoes are Untied)” and “The Complete Guide to Creating and Publishing Your Dynamic Audio Product in Less Than 7 Days (on a Shoestring).”

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