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I'm Too Smart to Be Making So Little & Working So Much!

How to Leverage Your Expertise, Multiply Your Income & Build a 6-Figure Virtual Business

During this 60-minute event you’re going to learn how to take your expertise, you know, the stuff that’s in your head . . . the stuff that you speak on, and leverage it to multiply your income and build a 6-figure office-not-required business that you can operate from anywhere! Sounds good, right? But I get it! As a speaker, you have the expertise. But you don’t have the business to make money AFTER the gig . . . or worse, if you don’t get a gig. That’s what this event is all about. Turning your expertise into a business and multiplying your income. Plain & simple!

Guest : Sameer Kumar
Fee : Free
Duration : 60 Minutes
Date : Thursday, February 6, 2014
Time : 1:00 pm Eastern | 12:00 pm Central
11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific
Audio Introduction

What You Will Learn:

  • What Exactly Does an “Expert Business” Look Like
  • How to Establish Yourself as the Expert (even if you’re not)
  • How to Get Clients to Know, Like & Trust You
  • The Most Important Element You Must Have for a Successful Business
  • The Other 6 Most Important Elements You Must Have for a Successful Business

About Our Guest

Sameer Kumar

Here’s my story (yup, it’s me, Sameer, talking . . . no pretend 3rd party stuff)! By profession, I'm a lawyer. By passion, I'm a marketing guy! Everything I teach is about creating a "lifestyle business." That means creating a business that serves the life you want, not the other way around! What I’m really good at, and not particularly humble about, is showing experts, like you, how to leverage what’s in your head, multiply your income and create a virtual business that you can operate from anywhere. I've done this myself with my law practice and with Marketing Briefs. Getting a bit more personal, I am married to an amazing lady who smiles and gives me the thumbs-up for all the crazy ideas that run through my head. I went vegan in 2013 and I’m a big fitness guy (biking particularly floats my boat). Finally, I love nothing more than good food and great conversation with progressive, down-to-earth people. Throw in a whiskey or two for good measure! Welcome to my world! Keep life simple and always remember to play! I hope to connect with you on this episode of SpeakerMatch Radio. Note: You’ll Get the Most Benefit From This Event if You . . . • Are an expert who truly gets paid for what’s in your head • Are already generating, or looking to generate, income from that expertise • Have a solid product or service (or are ready to create one . . . VERY soon) • Have a hungry market . . . meaning people what to learn what you know • Work with integrity and care about your clients • Are willing to implement what you learn (if you don’t implement, nothing changes) • Are down-to-earth, genuine and cool (the kind of people I like to work with) Each of us has an area of expertise. Something we can teach others. The problem is that most of that information is stuck in our heads and only comes out when we speak. Get ready to learn how to package that information so you can stop trading dollars for hours, generate income when you’re not speaking and, in the process, create a 6-figure business that you can operate from anywhere. -Sameer

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