Kicking Your Gambling Addiction to the Curb

Kicking Your Gambling Addiction to the Curb

Learn how to overcome your Gambling Addiction from someone who successfully overcame his addiction.

This is a program for individuals who have a gambling addiction and are looking for help to overcome their addiction. It has been created primarily from personal experience along with research and refinement. The information can be delivered in person or virtually as a Keynote, workshop, coaching, or training. It has been found that we all process information in very different ways and it is important to have options. The keynote speech can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the time available. The workshop can be as short as 60 minutes and up to 3 days depending on the immersion requested. The coaching varies on the size of the audience and can be a one-time, one hour session or ongoing. The training consists of pre-recorded videos and written content. All delivery options include not only strategies on overcoming the addiction, but also sections to determine if someone has an addiction or is just gambling for entertainment, stories from huge losses to recovery, Jim’s personal story and other helpful information to fight this addiction. Regardless of the delivery style, the participants will leave with the tools and mindset necessary to overcome their addiction and set a new path for their future free from gambling.

Jim Klipp — Motivational Speaker

Jim Klipp

Recovered Gambling Addict

A Gambling Addict who has overcome his debilitating addiction and now helps others overcome their addiction. Jim shares his 20 years of gambling experience and 14 years of financial recovery after quitting to help others overcome and recover so that they too can move on with their lives.

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