Defying the Odds in Business

Defying the Odds in Business

Laying the foundation for successful leadership and business despite the obstacles before us!

I went from making $72 my first month in business to bringing in over the median income for coaches in America and even being featured on of this while working 20 to 25 hours per week as a work-from-home mompreneur! My powerful "Defying the Odds in Business" program will show your audience how to: -Avoid the confusion and lack of prioritizing that often comes with being a leader or entrepreneur with unclear direction -Stop allowing the challenges associated with your own story to prevent you from moving forward victoriously in your leadership role or business -Flourish as a start-up business to defy the odds that tell us that the majority of new businesses will fail -Understand the winning recipe for sustainable business: Urgent Need, Specific Target Market, and Measurable Results -Start acquiring the clients you want through a more strategic mix of sales and marketing with an effective time management approach

Coach Daphne Valcin — Motivational Speaker

Coach Daphne Valcin

National Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Daphne went from experiencing immense struggle in her youth to speaking at her college graduation, going on to graduate from an Ivy League and create a successful business! She has engaged, inspired, and enlightened audiences as large as 6,000!

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