Ready to be Heard

Ready to be Heard

Inspiring & Motivating Audiences with Amanda's Personal Story of Success

Amanda McDonough began losing her hearing when she was 4 years old. She hid it from the world for 18 years as her hearing continued to decrease. Then, one day, during her college education she awoke to discover that she had lost it all. Overnight she went from being a person who relied on the hearing she had left for everything from communicating, her college classes, and maintaining relationships; to being both deaf and mute. She couldn't hear, couldn't talk, didn't know how to lip-read, and didn't know sign language. Yet, she managed to teach herself to talk again, teach herself to lip-read, and finish her college degrees on time! Learn how Amanda transitioned from the hearing world she was raised in to finding her identity and accepting herself as the Deaf woman she is now!

Amanda McDonough — Motivational Speaker

Amanda McDonough

Motivational Speaker/ TV & Film Actress/ Published Author

Speaker, Motivator, Teacher, & Resilience Trainer for 30+ organizations! As seen on NBC, ABC, Freeform & more! Overcome obstacles! Be the hero of your life story! Never give up on your dreams! Be a leader! Turn -'s into +'s. Bilingual.

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