Control your Technology

Control your Technology

Make your screen time TWS (time well spent)

Are our children technologically literate? Do they have strategies to succeed in our new world? For decades, the amount of time our kids spent on screens has been growing. Now, screen time and sleep are the top two activities of our kids. Today, our screens are stealing sleep from our kids. Sadly, sleep deprived, screen zombies are in no condition to learn in our classrooms. Teachers can’t compete with these screens that are turning even the best of our children into ticking timebombs. It’s time to steal some of this screen time back from the tech giants and teach our kids how to thrive in our digital culture.

Dusti Howell, Ph.D. — Motivational Speaker

Dusti Howell, Ph.D.

Empowering Tools for a Life Rich in Happiness

Happiness profoundly impacts our well-being, health, performance, productivity, and those around us. Dusti brings a world of experience and research in his presentations in the form of edutainment at its best. His motivational and impactful talks are spiced with inspiration, humor, and engaging stories. His EXUBERANCE and ENERGY get people focused on what they can do now to live a happier and more abundant life. His keynote messages on happiness are helping create a wave of positivity. 

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