Reducing the Re-Victimization of Women

Reducing the Re-Victimization of Women

The Neurology of Trauma and Its Effects on First Responders and Victims of Violent Crime

I am the Presenter for Resolution Solutions, a Communication Coaching, Conflict Resolution and Mediation company. Through a grant created by the Violence Against Women act, we are engaged in preventing the re-victimization of women who have been victims of violent crimes. We do this in several ways: 1. We train First Responders (Law Enforcement, EMT, Nurses, etc.) and Caregivers to recognize what Trauma does to the human brain. 2. We empower victims through Communication Coaching, with the goal of interrupting the re-victimization cycle. 3. We offer a Peer Support gathering for professional caregivers, to promote awareness and prevention of Secondary Trauma. In addition, our regular Communication Coaching, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation presentations teach companies and organizations of all types specific techniques to promote relational wellness within the group, as well as one-on-one sessions with our experts to resolve specific issues that may already exist. NOTE: As the Primary Speaker for Resolution Solutions, I am part of a team. I can provide the main presentation, but the partners in the company (see below) are largely responsible for the content, and are the only ones that offer one-on-one Coaching, or respond to specific issues. If budget constraints (or other considerations) make it necessary for me to travel alone, we can hold a Q & A session via remote computer program, or questions can be emailed, but optimum results would be achieved here by bring our three-person team. Resolution Solution partners: Marla Polk - Conflict Resolution Specialist, Communication Coach, and Mediator in the State of Texas. Patty Wenetschlaeger - Attorney, Mediator in the State of Texas, Conflict Resolution Specialist, ad leitem CPS Attorney for children in the Child Protective Services system. Both serve on the Board of Directors at The Palm House, which mentors at-risk youth, and provides services for women who have been victims of violent crime, and a Professional Peer Support Network.

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Tony Barker

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