Redirecting Our Attention

Redirecting Our Attention

Merriam-Webster defines divert/distract attention as follows: to try to keep people from noticing or thinking about something. In today’s world, our attention is constantly and cleverly redirected by influencers with deep pockets. How can we take charge of our own attention and redirect it on our true purpose? What might it take for us to redirect the attention of the people we serve? In this talk, Dr. Marielle Pariseau will take you on the Journey of how she failed to notice how far she had strayed from the goals she had set when entering Dental School, her depressing recognition of a past no one can change, and the courage it will take from all of us to take charge of our focus on health. The intention of this talk is to demonstrate that very basic science can not only alleviate our fear, but also lead to a higher version of ourselves in post-pandemic dental office life.

Dr Marielle Pariseau — Motivational Speaker

Dr Marielle Pariseau

Your Health Begins With Your Teeth

Inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Marielle will show you how paying more attention to teeth can save lives. 2016 Global Health & Innovation Prize semi-finalist. TEDx Talk Salt Lake City 2018.

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