Oral Health for Moms & Tots

Oral Health for Moms & Tots

A mother's great influence on her children's oral health

A woman's oral health has a critical influence on the oral health trajectory of her children. Why? Because babies, who are born without the bacteria that cause tooth decay, acquire these bacteria mostly from their mother. In this educational talk Dr. Marielle Pariseau connects teeth and pregnancy in her uniquely engaging style. She tackles the myths surrounding pregnancy and oral health. She exposes the limited contribution of heredity in dental disease. Throughout, she shares tips and tricks pregnant women and young mothers can use to improve oral health outcomes for themselves and their children. New and expecting moms will love this journey from early pregnancy to a cavity-free future. Health professionals in the fields of obstetrics and pediatrics alike will learn how to include teeth in their dialogues surrounding pregnancy and early childhood. As a keynote or workshop presenter, Marielle will walk your audience through the 5 elements necessary for a cavity-free future, starting with a positive pregnancy test. We'll talk about: 1- Debunking the myths linking pregnancy, gum disease and tooth loss 2- Transmission of cavity causing bacteria 3- Nutritional habits for mom and baby 4- Critical knowledge about sugar 5- When to start cleaning baby's mouth and the timing of the first dental visit ...and much more.

Dr Marielle Pariseau — Motivational Speaker

Dr Marielle Pariseau

Your Health Begins With Your Teeth

Inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Marielle will show you how paying more attention to teeth can save lives. 2016 Global Health & Innovation Prize semi-finalist. TEDx Talk Salt Lake City 2018.

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