Making Oral Hygiene as Accessible as Hand Hygiene

Making Oral Hygiene as Accessible as Hand Hygiene

This will do to oral health what washing of our hands has done to stop the transmission of infectious diseases

What would you say if you walked into a washroom where there is no sink, no soap, no paper towels or hand dryer? Even Port-a-Potty's offer hand sanitizers these days. Today, it's the norm to wash our hands after using the toilet. But what happens after you eat? What about you teeth? In this serious and humorous talk Dr Marielle Pariseau exposes the irony around our current dental health practices along with the unacceptable global oral health statistics. If the individuals in your audience are parents having a hard time getting their kids to brush their teeth at bedtime, let alone before school, teachers aware of students' struggles because of tooth aches, or anyone tired of big dental bills, they will love this dentist / Tooth Fairy's journey into breaking the cycle of dental diseases. As a keynote or workshop presenter, Marielle will walk your audience through the 5 elements necessary to break the cycle of dental disease and take oral health to a whole new level. We'll talk about: 1- Letting Go: of limiting beliefs 2- Knowing the Facts: Drilling and filling teeth doesn’t fix dental diseases 3- Rethinking: how, where and by whom effective prevention is offered 4- Embracing: taking 100% responsibility for oral health, individually and as a community 5- Building Together: weaving oral health in the fabric of community in America. ...and much more. Relevant Credentials: Degree: Doctorate in Dental Medicine with honors, University of Montreal, Canada, Certificates: Advanced Dental Education, Pankey Institute, USA; Smoking Cessation & Integrated Chronic Diseases Prevention, University of Toronto, Canada; Caries Management by Risk Assessment, University of California, San Francisco; Social Entrepreneurship, Universities of Pennsylvania. Semi-Finalist in the Global Health and Innovation Conference Prize, Yale University, April 2016 Lectures / Workshops on Leadership and on Caries Management since 2006. Author of articles in peer reviewed Journals For availability or Speaking fees, contact Marielle's office at 435-503-7819 or click "check availability" to send a message through Speaker Match.

Dr Marielle Pariseau — Motivational Speaker

Dr Marielle Pariseau

Your Health Begins With Your Teeth

Inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Marielle will show you how paying more attention to teeth can save lives. 2016 Global Health & Innovation Prize semi-finalist. TEDx Talk Salt Lake City 2018.

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