Communication & Team Effectiveness

Communication & Team Effectiveness

Propel your team to a higher level of performance in one morning or afternoon

The "Communication & Team Effectiveness" workshop (CTE) is a half-day investment that enables a senior leader and team leap into a new level of effectiveness. Team members learn what is most important to their leader, how to work with him or her successfully, and where to best target their efforts. The group also has the chance to identify and share with their leader what help they need from him or her to accomplish more. The entire team emerges more likeminded and confident, leading to more sharply-focused accomplishment. The DiSC Personality Profile test is used with each participant to aid in self-awareness and improve communication with others.

Tim Stevenson — Motivational Speaker

Tim Stevenson

Improving the world by developing new and better leaders

"It always comes back to leadership." Whether the sphere is a small team, a huge organization, or an entire society, effective leadership is necessary to attain excellence. Tim is a master at presenting fundamental principles vividly and memorably.

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