Develop a Healthy Performance-based Culture

Develop a Healthy Performance-based Culture

Rather than allowing your organization's culture to be developed by accident, you can learn how to build the culture you want by design.

Every group has a culture. It’s not "If?" It’s "What kind?" Where cultures differ is whether they are: 1. Designed or accidental. 2. Based on principles or personalities. 3. Healthy or unhealthy. There is a simple, yet challenging process for developing a positive culture in which people thrive and are self-motivated in pursuit of common purposes. Sharing principles from his book, BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership, along with real-life stories from his rich coaching and training experience, Tim will explain how you can develop the culture you want for your organization or team.

Tim Stevenson — Motivational Speaker

Tim Stevenson

Improving the world by developing new and better leaders

"It always comes back to leadership." Whether the sphere is a small team, a huge organization, or an entire society, effective leadership is necessary to attain excellence. Tim is a master at presenting fundamental principles vividly and memorably.

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