You Can Be Perfect...Or You Can Be Happy

You Can Be Perfect...Or You Can Be Happy

Because You Choose the Quality of Your Life

You Can Be Perfect…OR You Can Be Happyâ„¢ is a humor based presentation that reminds us we have two choices of either being perfect or being happy; and since the former is an impossibility the question is how do we find happiness in our imperfection? That is what Karith Foster, humorist, speaker, wife and mother of two answers as she teaches her audiences who are caught in the abyss of trying to keep up with the Kardashians and their Facebook “frienemy†all while attempting this crazy balancing act we call LIFE. Using humorous stories, entertaining exercises and some serious reality checks audiences are brought to a place of gratitude and acceptance of their perfectly imperfect lives.

Karith Foster — Motivational Speaker

Karith Foster

Diversity Engagement & Value Specialist

Karith Foster is a dynamic personality whose compelling stories and authentic experiences create powerful and effective spaces when addressing audiences invested in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Communication and Leadership & Development

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