Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box

Preparing Your Lifeskills Toolbox

What tools do we already possess that when used creatively in tandem with others' strengths can make us more effective? This question is part of the conundrum every employer, team leader, teacher and manager faces whenever two or more people are involved in getting something done. The fact is that we all have inner tools available to us which we have not learned to use to their full potential and which, if employed in our lives, would make us more productive and invaluable to others, and which will help us be more self-reliant and more confident in our own abilities. Michael Hingson has had to use and grow his personal inner toolbox to adapt to, survive, and succeed in a world in which he is often considered an outsider and an individual incapable of being considered a "normal human being". Mr. Hingson happens to be blind. From an early age Mike was taught by his parents to think on his feet and deal with the unexpected. He has seen firsthand how people can, when necessary, call on tools and strength they didn't even know they had in order to succeed. When talking with audiences about their inner tools and capabilities Mike shares fascinating stories about growing up as a blind person and learning to use his inner tools. For example, he tells the story of how a high school superintendent known to be somewhat of a bully arbitrarily decided not to allow Mike to ride the school bus simply because he was blind and used a guide dog. Mike tells how his father with only an eighth-grade education went to bat on his behalf taking on the school board including enlisting the assistance of the California state governor to emerge victorious returning Mike to riding the bus with his friends. Mike inspires his audiences with stories and lessons about how all of us can find and enhance our own inner strengths and tools in order to accomplish whatever we desire and need to do. He will captivate your audience with his personal story of heroism and inner strength escaping from the World Trade Center on 9/11. He will teach them how they can find their own inner tools and how to put them to use in their daily lives. Your audience will leave with lasting memories of a man who does not let obstacles stand in his way. They will leave their time with Mike pepped up and they will take away tools they can use for a lifetime to be better and stronger than they are today. No matter how good they are as managers, team builders, life coaches, leaders and followers or friends and colleagues every member of your audience will be enthralled with Michael Hingson and they will leave saying to themselves "if he can survive and thrive in today's world than so can I." Book Michael today.

Michael Hingson — Motivational Speaker

Michael Hingson

#1 NYT BestSelling Author & International Keynote Speaker

Michael Hingson, blind since birth, survived the 9/11 attacks with the help of his guide dog Roselle. This story of Trust, Teamwork and Leadership and his indomitable will to live and thrive in a visually centric world is inspirational to all.

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