The Gifts Game

The Gifts Game

Identify your top gifts

Dr. Hollis shares her poignant poem “The Masquerade’ as an introduction to a group exercise to increase relationships. Participants take the ‘Gifts and Talents Inventory’ to identify their top gifts then depending on the environment – size of group, live vs. online, etc. - participants either roam the room to find others who excel in the same gift or participants self-select an online room to join others with the same dominant gift. The smaller group discusses their similarities, differences, how they want to be treated, what they offer the organization or other questions based on company objectives. It’s a fun and highly engaging experience that ends with everyone increasing their respect and appreciation for each other. Takeaways: Discover your top wisdom gift. Learn the gifts of your co-workers. Share how your gift can best be used in the workplace. Sample Video:

Dr. Norma T. Hollis — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Norma T. Hollis

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