Managing Self: Time and Effectiveness

Managing Self: Time and Effectiveness

People talk about the difficulties of managing time, but the real challenge is managing yourself.

Peter Drucker predicted, “We are entering the first century in human history in which, in the developed world, the great majority of people will work with what is between their ears, not their hands.” That century is now here, and people who work with what is between their ears are known as "Knowledge Workers." Unlike the Industrial Age with its command-and-control management, Knowledge Workers must be SELF-managing. They must accept individual responsibility to focus their efforts, manage their investments of time, and produce results. This workshop addresses the challenges faced by self-managing team members and gives them the framework, concepts, and tools to be maximally effective, along with equipment to do the necessary self-maintenance to perform at a high level for the long term.

Tim Stevenson — Motivational Speaker

Tim Stevenson

Improving the world by developing new and better leaders

"It always comes back to leadership." Whether the sphere is a small team, a huge organization, or an entire society, effective leadership is necessary to attain excellence. Tim is a master at presenting fundamental principles vividly and memorably.

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