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As an emerging professional speaker*, you have a powerful message to share—but getting it in front of the right audience can be challenging.

SpeakerMatch is here to change that.

* If you're (1) not earning a full-time living through speaking, and (2) not earning at least $5,000 per speech, we consider you to be an emerging speaker. We specialize in helping emerging speakers get noticed and found by meeting planners, enhancing your visibility and opportunities.

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How We Help You Stand Out

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You can create a professional speaker profile effortlessly with our system.
Share your unique link with event organizers to showcase your unique

Showcase Your Full Potential with Multi-Section Profiles

  • Comprehensive Bio: Showcase your experience, expertise, and unique speaking style.
  • Exclusive Audio Profile: Let event organizers hear your voice and delivery style with custom audio clips, setting you apart from the competition.
  • Speaking Topics: List and describe the key topics you cover, highlighting your areas of specialization.
  • Testimonials: Feature endorsements and reviews from past clients to build credibility.
  • Media Gallery: Upload photos and videos to give event organizers a visual and auditory sense of your presentations.
  • Downloadable Materials: Offer brochures, one-sheets, and other resources for organizers to download and review.

Elevate Your Presence with Ease!

Imagine having a stunning, professional profile ready in minutes. With our unique system, it’s effortless to look your best and attract event organizers. Simply provide your content, and we handle the rest—no need for costly web hosting, design services, or SEO experts.

Stand Out to Meeting Planners

Our platform ensures your profile is seen. Use vivid, descriptive language to showcase your unique qualities. Plus, you get a unique link to share directly with organizers, making it simple for them to discover the exceptional value you bring to their events. Let us help you make a memorable impression!

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The Premiere Directory of Emerging Speakers Since 2002

For over 20 years savvy event organizers have trusted the SpeakerMatch directory for its exceptional searchability and ease of use.

Imagine this: meeting planners find you FAST with our Turbo SpeakerSearch Directory tool. You’ll get targeted traffic and leads sent directly to you. Maximize your reach and visibility effortlessly.

Our SEO-optimized directory showcases who you are, what you offer, and why you're unique. If they can’t find you, they can’t book you—get listed today and elevate your speaking career. Connect with event organizers and seize opportunities you’d never know about.

Join SpeakerMatch now to expand your reach and visibility!

Plans and Pricing

Also Included:
Job Board for Emerging Speakers

Specific Details About Each Job

For job leads, we'll let you know where each job is located, when, how much the planner is willing to pay, whether or not expenses are reimbursed, and more.


Event organizers and meeting planners can post open calls for speakers on our job board, and we'll post information about other open calls we find through our research.

You communicate directly with organizers no middlemen!

Apply Online

You decide if you'd like to apply for an opportunity. If a planner uses our system to post their open call, you can apply online instantly.

Here's How You Use SpeakerMatch

Create Your Profile. Find and Apply For Speaking Opportunities. Connect with Event Organizers.


It's as easy as plugging in your information. We do the rest! Highlight your programs, audios, videos, and more! We give you tools that make it simple to create a professional looking profile. It's like having your own website with the added bonus of built-in traffic.


We've got a complete online job board and application system made just for speakers. You will receive direct requests from meeting planners as well as open calls for speakers. And you can search our online database for more opportunities.


31 out of every 32 people who try to launch a speaking business fail. We want you to be in the successful minority. To help you succeed in the speaking business, we provide you with the resources to help build and maintain a successful and sustainable speaking business.

We've Got Two Ways For You To Learn About Speaking Opportunities

1. Direct Requests

Meeting planners and event organizers can hand-select candidates. If a meeting planner sees something they like in your profile or program listing, they can contact you directly. Most speakers get booked this way. We give you all the tools you need to create a compelling, search-engine-optimized profile.

Direct request form

2. Job Board Postings

You may apply to any job posted here. Contact planners through our online message board when they post an opportunity through our system. Search anytime for an opportunity that fits your expertise. You can apply directly for any opportunity posted to SpeakerMatch with a click.

Effortlessly Manage It All from Your Member Center

Member Center Dashboard image

Our Member Center Dashboard is designed to make managing your speaker profile a breeze. From updating your bio and adding new speaking topics to tracking leads and accessing valuable resources, everything you need is at your fingertips. With intuitive navigation and powerful tools, you can focus on what you do best—delivering impactful speeches—while we handle the rest. Enhance your visibility, stay organized, and keep your profile fresh with ease. SpeakerMatch makes it simple for you to shine and attract the right opportunities.

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What event organizers say

Thousands of happy clients are glad they chose our services.

"We have actually booked a couple of terrific people offering to come and speak to our humble group from your site! Thank you so much! This is going to be one of our most interesting years ever thanks to SpeakerMatch!"

Shawn Jones

Ready Mix USA

"We are grateful for your excellent service... saved us so much time, provided excellent speaker candidates, the audio clips are a real plus, and the links to the speaker's web sites, e-mail, and the applicant cover letters are all excellent. Thanks so much for your help!"

S. Charles Selden, Ph.D.

NIH Extramural Staff Training Office

"As a large supplier of lecturers, instructors and speakers to major cruise lines and resorts, we found ourselves in a situation were we required a qualified speaker in very short time. The SpeakerMatch service served us beautifully. Within 24 hours, we found ten top-notch speakers with the expertise we were looking for... needless to say we were able to solve our concern."

Paul Di Filippi

Sixth Star Entertainment & Marketing

Of Course... Speakers Love Us Too!

I signed up for SpeakerMatch in order to apply for a job I saw on the job board. I did apply, and I did get the job! Well worth the investment. I LOVE getting the job alerts. Thank you for what you do. It’s actually quite awesome to have a site that posts events that we can review.

Becky Olson

As a professional speaker, I find SpeakerMatch to be my most cost effective marketing expense because it produces real leads I can match to my talents and programs.

Ken Becker

We've tried virtually every lead service out there. Some yielded nothing. Others worked for a while then the leads just stopped coming. On the other hand, I have SpeakerMatch on automatic renewal because there hasn't been a single year in all the 7+ years I've belonged when it hasn't provided solid value in terms of actual bookings. Plus, they've always been extremely professional, providing great customer service and working constantly to improve.

Barry Maher

Increase Your Visibility To Event Organizers Today!

Don’t let your message go unheard. Join SpeakerMatch now and increase your visibility! Put yourself in front of the event organizers who need your unique voice. With our powerful tools and SEO-optimized directory, you'll maximize your visibility and attract the right opportunities effortlessly. Take control of your speaking career and connect with planners actively seeking talent like yours. Sign up today and let SpeakerMatch help you transform your passion into booked gigs and standing ovations. Your next big speaking opportunity is just a click away!