Somewhere out there, an event organizer is looking for YOU!

Can Event Organizers

find YOU?

SpeakerMatch is the preeminent marketplace for emerging professional speakers and event organizers. You can’t possibly book any speaking engagements if meeting planners and event organizers don’t know you exist. Set up your profile today so you can BE SEEN!

Our goal is to help emerging speakers build and maintain a sustainable speaking BUSINESS.

We have been trusted advisors to both emerging and professional speakers since 2002.


What is SpeakerMatch?

Did you know that 30 out of every 31 people who try to launch a speaking career fail within the first few months? Many of these are talented speakers with valuable insights to share. So, where do they go wrong? They fail to learn the business of finding an audience.

That’s where we come in…

Our system provides an affordable solution for emerging speakers like you to be seen and noticed by meeting planners. For just one flat fee, you’ll get a listing in our speaker directory seen by hundreds of planners each month, and access to our online database of speaking opportunities. This will save you the time and frustration of cold-calling and emailing with no response.

What’s more, we’ll ensure you’re aware of opportunities you may have missed, boosting your chances of getting booked. We’ll also provide you with a profile webpage, the ability to apply instantly to gigs online, and ongoing marketing advice.

With our system, you’ll get warm leads and be able to connect with meeting planners who are actively seeking speakers like you. All in less than 2½ minutes!

How much does SpeakerMatch cost?

Our basic service starts at just $30 every 4 weeks. You can save with an annual subscription. There are no long-term contracts, service fees, or commissions. You keep everything you earn in speaking fees. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your service at any time with no penalty.

There’s no need to pay extra for expensive web hosting, design services, and SEO specialists. We’ll handle it all for you!

Do I need to be a professional speaker to use SpeakerMatch?

No, you do not need to be a professional speaker to join SpeakerMatch. In fact, we primarily cater to the Emerging Speaker market by helping these speakers be seen and found by meeting planners and event organizers. If you’re (1) not earning a full-time living through speaking, and (2) you aren’t earning at least $5,000 per speech, we consider you to be an Emerging Speaker.

Of course, some professional speakers use our service as well to gain exposure, try out new material, and reach new audiences. Remember, it’s not possible for a meeting planner to book you if they don’t know you exist. We help every speaker increase their chances of being seen by the right planner, at the right time.

How do you send me speaking leads?

We’ve got a complete online job board and application system made just for speakers. You will receive direct requests from meeting planners as well as notifications about open calls for speakers. And you can search our online database for more opportunities.

We facilitate your communication with meeting planners through our online tools. This lets us “nudge” you and the planner by email, SMS, and phone if messages are not responded to in a timely manner.

Will it take a lot of time to create a speaker profile?

It’s as easy as plugging in your information, much like you would do with any social media site like Facebook or LinkedIn. PLUS, we have some nifty AI tools to help you create a profile listing that really resonates with meeting planners and event organizers.

We do the rest! We’ll highlight your programs, audios, videos, and more! We give you tools that make it simple to create a professional looking profile. It’s like having your own website with the added bonus of built-in traffic.

Access To Opportunities

Get direct access to a wide range of speaking opportunities that are not publicly advertised.

Event organizers can connect with you directly from your profile. You’ll also have access to our job board of open calls for speakers.


Save time and effort by receiving targeted leads directly to your inbox.

We screen more thoroughly than other speaker lead services. We only let you know about events where meeting planners and event organizers are actively seeking speakers.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge by being among the first to know about new speaking opportunities.

We’ve got over two decades of relationship-building with people who book speakers. Plus, our unique SEO algorithms make sure event organizers can find you!

Diverse Opportunities

Find a variety of speaking opportunities, including keynotes, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and more.

Suitable for All Levels

Whether you’re a new speaker or a seasoned professional, SpeakerMatch has opportunities for all experience levels.

Improve Your Craft

By getting more speaking engagements, you can hone your skills and become a better speaker.


  • Profile Listing

    We provide the tools you need to easily create a robust SpeakerMatch profile listing where event organizers can find and contact you.

  • Job Board of Speaking Opportnities

    Access to the SpeakerMatch Job Board, where you can browse and respond to speaking opportunities. We only list opportunities where meeting planners are actively seeking speakers.

  • Get Important Alerts

    Receive alerts for speaking opportunities that match your profile and preferences,. We’ll also make sure you don’t miss any important communications from event organizers. Choose what you like best: we work with email, SMS, phone calls, and RSS feeds.

  • Response Guidance

    Get guidance on how to respond to speaking opportunities to increase your chances of being selected.

  • Teleseminars

    Access to educational teleseminars that can help you grow your speaking business.

  • Customer Support

    Dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues.


What People Say About Us

Here’s just a few samples of comments from our speakers.

Rad Watkins

    Man, I have to say I have never had the customer service I have received from SpeakerMatch from any other company. I think they are outstanding! I have never seen a more professional and customer service based business. My first gig through SpeakerMatch paid for 10 years worth of the service. SpeakerMatch has paid for itself every year I have used it and I have received gigs that have landed me 5-figure speaking fees. I can’t speak to other people’s experiences but in my experience, I see that SpeakerMatch is a bargain, the staff is super willing to help, and the rest is up to the user. Thanks guys for all you have done for me!

    Rad Watkins

    Animal Leadership

    Becky Olson

      I signed up for SpeakerMatch in order to apply for a job I saw on the job board. I did apply, and I did get the job! Well worth the investment. I LOVE getting the job alerts. Thank you for what you do. It’s actually quite awesome to have a site that posts events that we can review.

      Becky Olson

      Powerful Ladies

      Ken Becker

        As a professional speaker, I find SpeakerMatch to be my most cost-effective marketing expense because it produces real leads I can match to my talents and programs.

        Ken Becker

        Director for SEED/MDD

        Michael McFadden

          You have surpassed my expectations. I am pleased with the continuous communication. The service has been useful and I have found engagements to apply for. Thank you for such excellent service.

          Michael McFadden

          The Leadership Training Company

          Conor Cunneen

            As a speaker, I have got leads and business from SpeakerMatch that I would never have got otherwise. It has more than repaid my investment. What more can you ask for?

            Conor Cunneen

            Irishman Speaks

            Dave Sheffield

              SpeakerMatch is the greatest tool for helping new and emerging speakers build their speaking business. Whether you are speaking part time or full time, SpeakerMatch will match you up with event planners who are interested in booking speakers. I have been a SpeakerMatch subscriber for the last 6 years and it provided me with the tools necessary to build my business, my referral base, and my career. I have never encountered a service that was so perfect for anyone wishing to grow their business.

              Dave Sheffield

              Recipes for Success

              John Mayfield

                I would like to say thank you to SpeakerMatch. I was a little reluctant to sign up, but did so on Friday. I woke up this morning to a new lead and finalizing details for a conference in November today. Wow, that’s fast! I was not expecting anything that quick, but it does go to show that advertising and investing do pay off! Thanks again, SpeakerMatch.

                John Mayfield

                The Business Tech Guy!