What Some of Our Valued Clients Say About SpeakerMatch

What Speakers Are Saying...

Man, I have to say I have never had the customer service I have received from SpeakerMatch from any other company. I think they are outstanding! I have never seen a more professional and customer service based business. My first gig through SpeakerMatch paid for 10 years worth of the service. SM has paid for itself every year I have used it and I have received gigs that have landed me 5-figure speaking fees. I can't speak to other people's experiences but in my experience, I see that SpeakerMatch is a bargain, the staff is super willing to help, and the rest is up to the user. Thanks guys for all you have done for me!

Rad Watkins

I signed up for SpeakerMatch in order to apply for a job I saw on the job board. I did apply, and I did get the job! Well worth the investment. I LOVE getting the job alerts. Thank you for what you do. It’s actually quite awesome to have a site that posts events that we can review.

Becky Olson

Shortly after joining, I was shortlisted… which was exciting! In just one year, I’ve landed two speaking engagements through the SpeakerMatch application process. In addition, two local organizations found me in the SpeakerMatch online directory, and hired me to facilitate their retreats. I greatly appreciate the professional development SpeakerMatch offers through conference calls. I’ve learned so much since joining. And did I mention their customer service? The SpeakerMatch team genuinely cares about its clients, and that, to me, is very important. I look forward to continuing to be a SpeakerMatch member!

Kimberly Ferguson

Your site has been wonderful. I have booked two speaking engagements as a result of your listings. One in PA and one in Baltimore, MD. Keep up the good work!

Darrell "Coach D" Andrews

As a professional speaker, I find SpeakerMatch to be my most cost effective marketing expense because it produces real leads I can match to my talents and programs.

Ken Becker

Thank you so much for putting this great service together, Bryan. I am not a no-fee, low-fee speaker, but have found that you do list organizations that pay higher amounts. The education group I booked was super pleased with what I did and have approached me to do another presentation. The lower fee organization that I did work with offered to do promotion for my new book coming out -- which is a service rendered and traded. I appreciate the easy, efficient way you have organized your service. I am a satisfied customer who has recouped the SpeakerMatch monthly fee many times over.

Cheewa James

I am very proud to be a part of SpeakerMatch. I think that you have done a great job in connecting people. I have found the web-site to be easy and very useful. So far the planners I have actually spoken with are very nice and happy that I contacted them. I love the updates, newsletters, etc. I feel apart of an organization that truly has my best interest at heart. This is a fantastic resource!!!

Kudos to you Bryan for a business well done!

KD Enterprises

I am very impressed with the manner in which you do business. I can see that you make a concerted effort to exceed expectations and so far, in my case you have. I also appreciate the lack of hype in your approach which I haven't necessarily experienced with other companies I have communicated with. Thank you for all that.

Chuck Berke

You have surpassed my expectations. I am pleased with the continuous communication. The service has been useful and I have found engagements to apply for. Thank you for such excellent service.

Michael Mcfadden

I think Speaker Match is a good company with a great concept. I especially like their people skills. They keep in touch with you and have always returned my messages with a live voice (a person) calling me back. Thanks.

V. Celeste Fahie

I have had nothing but a great experience with SpeakerMatch (I didn't know it existed until a little over a week ago!)... the company I work for is searching for presenters and we have had a good response to start!

After looking at everything I determined I should be using it for my personal self (not company)...to seek additional training opportunities in other areas that I have a specialty in... Thanks for SpeakerMatch!!!

Joanna Faulk, Ed.D.

Wow... I'm impressed with your service. Thank you!

Pamela Zeimann

Man, I've got to tell you how impressed I am with your follow-up technique and incredible customer service! We have already received alerts for opps that fit Weldon's areas of expertise and lots of helpful emails from your company. If the next couple months prove fruitful for us, you will definitely have not only a satisfied customer, but an evangelist for your services. Thanks again for your thoughtful communication with Weldon. You guys are making us smile.

Tom Beard
VP of Marketing Communications

The staff at SpeakerMatch is very responsive. They will work hard to help you achieve all of your consulting, training, and speaking goals. I recommend them!

Colleen Kettenhofen travels from Portland, Oregon.

As a speaker, I have got leads and business from SpeakerMatch that I would never have got otherwise. It has more than repaid my investment. What more can you ask for?

Connor Cunneen travels from Chicago, Illinois.

When I joined SpeakerMatch, I was skeptical, thinking this was just another site luring professional speakers with visions of sudden bookings. I was dead wrong! The concept involves putting leads on the job board each week for speakers to respond to. Amazingly, I was able to book a presentation for an organization I would have never known about if I didn't see it listed on SpeakerMatch! The staff are always willing to help develop your profile and are professional and skilled at designing sites to attract meeting planners. I highly recommend SpeakerMatch, although by doing so, I'm slicing my own throat, because you will undoubtedly get more bookings that I want to selfishly save for myself.

Jack Singer travels from Orange County, California.

If you think that SpeakerMatch is a scam, by all means don't use it. That will leave less competition for the posted openings for the rest of us. I've been a member for just over three months, at $49.95 a month, and I've already booked $6000 worth of speaking gigs; a traditional speakers bureau would have wanted 15-30% of that money. I am VERY pleased with SpeakerMatch. You rarely get something for nothing; I don't mind paying this monthly fee for the visibility and the genuine leads I've found.

Mike Robinson travels from Austin, Texas.

SpeakerMatch is a valuable resource for organizations which pursue success. It connects the best speakers, trainers and consultants to companies, associations and non-profit organizations. Organizations, no matter the size of their budget, can acquire quality talent, in turn serving their constituents optimally. The people behind the site are committed to the success of clients. All who participate in SpeakerMatch will benefit.

Hank Moore travels from Houston, Texas.

SpeakerMatch really makes sense and I think highly of the service. It does a great job of connecting meeting planners with qualified speakers for what they need to impact their event. I attended a SpeakerMatch Boot Camp three years ago and got to know their management team and found them to be first rate and dedicated to helping meeting planners and speakers have an effective way to be brought together.

Charlie Adams travels from South Bend, Indiana.

SpeakerMatch is the greatest tool for helping new and emerging speakers build their speaking business. Whether you are speaking part time or full time, SpeakerMatch will match you up with event planners who are interested in booking speakers. I have been a SpeakerMatch subscriber for the last 6 years and it provided me with the tools necessary to build my business, my referral base, and my career. I have never encountered a service that was so perfect for anyone wishing to grow their business.

Dave Sheffield travels from Port Byron, Illinois.

I've been using SpeakerMatch for approx 4 years and would certainly recommend the service. The service gives me access to planners and events at my fingertips that I would have never been aware on my own. The service more than pays for itself. If you're a speaker, trainer or coach, don't hesitate to add this program to your marketing strategy.

Ron Sukenick travels from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I would like to say thank you to SpeakerMatch. I was a little reluctant to sign up, but did so on Friday. I woke up this morning to a new lead and finalizing details for a conference in November today. Wow, that's fast! I was not expecting anything that quick, but it does go to show that advertising and investing do pay off! Thanks again, SpeakerMatch.

John Mayfield travels from St. Louis, Missouri.

The care and support I have received from Speaker Match has been a joyful experience. I love the personal contact and immediate response from Bryan, Paul and Justin. This is a business for speakers who are serious about speaking to audiences in the areas of their expertise. The website is easy to use; speakers can get in and out of the various categories with a minimum of effort. You don't have to be tech-savvy to join Speaker Match. So far, it has been a stress-free experience and I look forward to future speaking opportunities.

Joan Frances Moran travels from Los Angeles, California.

We've tried virtually every lead service out there. Some yielded nothing. Others worked for a while then the leads just stopped coming. On the other hand, I have SpeakerMatch on automatic renewal because there hasn't been a single year in all the 7+ years I've belonged when it hasn't provided solid value in terms of actual bookings. Plus, they've always been extremely professional, providing great customer service and working constantly to improve.

Barry Maher travels from Las Vegas, Nevada.

SpeakerMatch rocks! Great people, great service and great results. There are many companies but only a few that say what they do and do what they say and SpeakerMatch is one of them. They are always enhancing the services they provide delivering more value to the speaker that ultimately results in more gigs---and that's the bottom line, isn't it?! I highly recommend them.

Michael Altshuler travels from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Whether you are starting out or are a veteran, no service provides a higher return than SpeakerMatch. I have used agents, marketed myself, and worked with bureaus; and every year, I find SpeakerMatch to be my number one source for new leads. I get access to meeting planners and events you can't find anywhere else. Every year, I book a few speeches with SpeakerMatch and every month, I add more and more meeting planners to my contact list. How much is that worth in this business? It's priceless!

Jabez LeBret travels from San Francisco, California.

In less than a year I have more than made my money back with SpeakerMatch. They are great at helping you hone in on exactly what you have that makes you unique as a speaker and which direction you should go in. Their leads are excellent and their customer service is some of the best. They go out of their way to make sure you succeed.

Julie Austin travels from Los Angeles, California.

I just booked a speaking gig in New Jersey thanks to SpeakerMatch. They are paying my speaking fee and travel expenses for my presentation. I also want to thank Justin at SpeakerMatch who has gone above and beyond helping me with my profile.

Chad J. Willett travels from Columbus, Ohio.

Over my past ten years of speaking, I've come to learn one thing about the speaking business. Speakers need leads. SpeakerMatch has proven time and time again to be the best place for speakers to find good quality speaking leads/opportunities. If you're looking for speaking gigs, join SpeakerMatch. You will not be sorry.

Johnny Campbell travels from Chicago, Illinois.

Like some members, I was skeptical at first; I made sure the money back guarantee was an ironclad clause. But right away, I could see the bookings were quality & legit. Not only did I not need the money back but I have since upgraded (and covered the membership costs with SpeakerMatch bookings!). I have applied to 4 listings and have booked 2 -- not a bad average! Suggestions are stellar; the staff WANTS you to succeed. Paul and Justin are kind, thoughtful, and candid. I am a HUGE fan of SpeakerMatch and a very happy subscriber.

Kathy Z. Price travels from New York City, NY.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SPEAKERMATCH. Its been the premier service that helps me get leads--and GET PAID!

Victoria Ashford travels from Denver, Colorado.

I have only been associated with SpeakerMatch for a month. I am not writing this because I've landed the opportunity of a lifetime; in fact, I have not yet been booked for a presentation through SpeakerMatch. That being said, I feel like I have already received my money's worth. They have been incredibly helpful in setting up my account, from hints on the best way to present my areas of expertise, to technical issues. The educational tools are a great bonus as well. Thanks.

Julie Ann Sullivan travels from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I've had a long-standing relationship with SpeakerMatch. When I started in the business several years ago, they were the first place that I looked. It's a great place to "hang your shingle", generate leads, and grow your business. They are accessible and are invested in your success. They are always available to answer questions and provide insights.

Neil Ihde travels from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

SpeakerMatch is a must have tool for ANY speaker who is serious about growing their business! When I first joined SpeakerMatch I was a speaker with a great gift, but very few clients to share it with. And I really didn't have a proven method for finding new clients. After one (free) consultation with Paul Ellul about how to book more engagements, my speaking business has reached a whole new level! Now I am regularly booked through SpeakerMatch by event planners all over the country!

Kris Mathis travels from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here's the truth. I've made back my investment five times over after 2.5 years. The speaking game is a reap-as-you-sow process; SpeakerMatch, however, gives you a fertile field for your own focus. If you don't need an advantage, then you probably don't need SpeakerMatch.

Fred Ray Lybrand travels from San Antonio, Texas.

My SpeakerMatch membership has paid for itself many times over. In addition to several engagements of $3000+, I have also spoken in the Cayman Islands, which resulted in two engagements in Antigua. One of the most impressive SpeakerMatch engagements, however, came when I ran across a listing in my hometown. Had I not seen the listing in SpeakerMatch, I would have never known the opportunity existed. As it turned out, after submitting a proposal, I was offered the engagement. Thanks, SpeakerMatch!

Bill Crawford travels from Houston, Texas.

My first call from SpeakerMatch came a few weeks after I joined, and the engagement paid nicely - far more than the cost of a year membership. It was a direct call to me after the event planner reviewed my profile online. Everything worked just as SpeakerMatch described it might; the planner would never have known about me otherwise. Thanks, SpeakerMatch!

Lorrie Hess travels from Fredericksburg, Texas.

I've been using SpeakerMatch for years, to expand my community revitalization talks and workshop beyond my normal contact circles. Just recently, a conference posted a call for a keynoter. It was an audience of professionals in a discipline I would never have connected to otherwise. I responded, and a few weeks later, I had a $4000 gig (a discounted rate, since it was local, here in Washington DC). SpeakerMatch works great!

Storm C. travels from Washington, D.C.

SpeakerMatch has helped me gain more exposure to meeting planners which led to more bookings for me throughout my years as a member. The staff is always there to help with anything that I needed. I would highly recommend them!

John Tartaglio travels from New York City, NY.

SpeakerMatch is always ready to help. Great insight given by Paul on how to take my profile and my speaking career to the next level.

Don Thorpe travels from Fargo, North Dakota.

Since joining SpeakerMatch in 2002, I have found the working relationship to be a most professional one. Service is a high value to this organization and a speaker can always expect a quick response to their needs. I also receive many opportunities to compete for speaking engagements around the country and have, since joining, derived sufficient income to more than cover the total investment I've made since 2002.

Billy Arcement travels from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What Meeting Planners Are Saying...

This service was EXCEPTIONAL!!!! When I started out on this task, I had no idea how I would be able to come up with 3 nationally recognized speakers in such a short period of time for an event quickly approaching. This streamlined the whole process and shortened the completion time considerably. I will definitely use this service again.The quality of your candidate pool is AWESOME!!!!

Marie Hoskins

I did receive quite a lot of responses w/most of them being right on the nose. I'm still sifting thru and talking it out w/the committee. This site is fantastic!! I'm so glad I found it. It's the only site I found that lets you build your own profile, and the responses you receive REALLY fit your needs. LOVE IT!

AAPC Stratford Chapter President-Elect

I am so thankful I found your website. Wow! What a great resource your company is! I received 14 responses already and many of them were very good. I need to ask you again... Do we have to pay a fee for your service? (No.)

Edie Prescod
The Cancer Instutitute of NJ

I will definitely let people know about this service, it saves us so much time in research when the speakers come to us. :) Thanks.

Lisa Bondy
Housing Research and Development

What a great site you have! You should be very proud. I was very impressed on the professionalism and immediate responses I received. We will definitely keep you in mind for our future events.

MJ Armstrong
Bayer CropScience

May I tell you how pleased we are with SpeakerMatch. We discovered your service quite by accident, and we are very happy that we did. As a large supplier of lecturers, instructors and speakers to major cruise lines and resorts, we found ourselves in a situation were we required a qualified speaker in very short time. The SpeakerMatch service served us beautifully. Within 24 hours, we found ten top-notch speakers with the expertise we were looking for... needless to say we were able to solve our concern.

Sixth Star Entertainment & Marketing

You do provide a wonderful service, and I plan on telling everyone who is in event planning about you. I found you through doing a Google search on speakers.


I received many responses from highly qualified speakers that we may be able to use in the future. I was very pleased with the service that you provide, and it made my job a lot easier.

Richard Alcorn

...we have found a speaker. It was definitely due to the site. I received about 30 inquires. I thank you for posting our need on your site.

Rebekah Bunger
Bayer Becker

First, please let me say thank you for replying to our request so quickly. Wow, and what a response we've had. I can't tell you how excited we are that so many [speakers] took an interest. And I must say that I am extremely impressed... Thank you for your help.

Tawnya Given Sherer
Chester County Chamber of Commerce

SpeakerMatch was an excellent tool. It provided many outlets to speakers I otherwise wouldn't have known about. We were looking for someone simply for our small company Christmas party and were able to find someone QUICKLY AND EFFORTLESSLY. Once our information was posted, I just sat back and let the speaker responses come to me. I think whether you are looking for a speaker for a big event or small event you will DEFINITELY find a speaker by using SpeakerMatch!


We are greatful for your excellent service... saved us so much time, provided excellent speaker candidates, the audio clips are a real plus, and the links to the speaker's web sites, e-mail, and the applicant cover letters are all excellent. Thanks so much for your help; we expect to decide on who among these wonderful speakers to hire for our event in just a few days.

S. Charles Selden, Ph.D.
NIH Extramural Staff Training Officer

I've received many responses to date, and I've got about 8 - 10 proposals that we are considering... I know I said it before, and maybe since I'm a rookie at this kind of thing, I just don't know what else is out there on the web, but I just think your site is the best!!! You make it so easy for us. Your service really does all the work involved in the research! All I have to do is pick! Thanks for your help.

Liza Baccari, CPC
Surgical Coordinator

We've used SpeakerMatch for our previous conference and found it to be a very useful tool.

Heather Davis, WCP-BES
WorkSource Spokane

SpeakerMatch was a wonderful tool to use to find a speaker. It's all the information I needed to at least pick a speaker that would fit my needs. And the turnaround was great! Within 24 hours both speakers I contacted responded to me and the discussion began!

Laura McNicholas

I have it down to two great speakers. Will make a decision shortly. This site is exactly what I have been looking for!

John Taylor

We have actually booked a couple of terrific people offering to come and speak to our humble group from your site! Thank you so much! This is going to be one of our most interesting years ever thanks to SpeakerMatch!

Shawn Jones Ready Mix USA

I was very pleased with SpeakerMatch and have booked a speaker! Thanks for your service.

Jessi Johnson
Seniors in Service

I am very happy I have found this site and will certainly use it again.

Karen O'Brien

It was a great service and a great way to screen a lot of different speakers. I would definitely use your service again.

Kelly L. Clark
CM/ECF Training Specialist

On behalf of the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program at Indiana University, I wish to express my gratitude for your assistance in finding a speaker for our Freshmen Conference. I cannot thank your service enough for performing this miracle. We were in a desperate situation... read the full thank you letter.

Miriam Attenoukon
Indiana University

Since 2002, SpeakerMatch has been providing tools and resources to make it easier than ever to match speakers and event planners.