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Marketing With a Book

The Science of Attracting High-Paying Clients for Consultants and Coaches

The number one challenge for independent consultants and coaches is creating new clients. Ironically, many feel marketing is too time consuming, expensive, or undignified. Even if they try at marketing, most are frustrated by a lack of results. They even worry if marketing would ever work for them. And no wonder. According to a researcher from the Harvard Business School, the typical marketing is not only a waste of time and money for consultants and coaches, it actually makes them less attractive to prospective clients. However, research has proven there is a better way. There is a proven process for marketing with integrity and getting an up to 400 percent to 2000 percent return on your marketing investment. To attract new clients, the number one marketing tool is a book and the number one marketing strategy is speaking about that book.

Guest : Henry DeVries
Fee : Free
Duration : 60 Minutes
Date : Thursday, April 9, 2015
Time : 1:00 pm Eastern | 12:00 pm Central
11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific
Audio Introduction

What You Will Learn:

  • Top 14 ways to generate leads for consultants and coaches
  • How to persuade with a story that attracts clients
  • The difference between traditional publishing, indie publishing, and self-publishing
  • Eight great meta formats that best-selling business books follow
  • How to use a book to get speaking invitations

About Our Guest

Henry DeVries

Henry DeVries (Dee’-Vreeze) is an expert on typing and talking: how consultants and coaches can maximize revenues by writing books and giving speeches. He is the co-founder and CEO of Indie Books International and has served as an editor, ghostwriter, or credited co-author of more than 150 business books, including his bestseller, How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, and his latest, Marketing With a Book. He is also a professional speaker on the topic of “Persuading With a Story,” and teaches marketing and is the former assistant dean for continuing education at the University of California, San Diego. He speaks to thousands of consultants and coaches each year, teaching them successful tactics that bring them new clients. On a personal note, his goal is to visit every Major League Baseball ballpark, and has so far visited thirty-eight and has seven to go.

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