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Fund Your Speaking With Sponsors
Americas most successful companies partner with sponsors. Why not you?


Have you ever thought about corporate sponsors for your speaking gigs? Would you like to do what you love, and have a company foot the bill? Would you like to tap into the awesome power of corporate s...

Linda Hollander September 20, 2023 Access Replay

Fund Your Speaking With Sponsors
Get $10K-$100K from Corporate Sponsors Even If You're Just Starting Out


Have you ever thought about corporate sponsors for your speaking gigs? Would you like to do what you love, and have a company foot the bill? Would you like to tap into the awesome power of corporate s...

Linda Hollander February 08, 2023 Access Replay

How to Leverage Your Speaker Success by Serving Your Clients as a Coach (All While Working from Home)

Want to increase your coaching income? Looking to earn a full-time living in this multi-billion-dollar industry? Confused why even with your coaching credential hanging on your wall, you are still not...

Patrick Snow August 31, 2021 Access Replay

Once a Big Brand, Not Always a Big Brand
How to Stay On Top!

Have you ever noticed how some speaker brands always seem to be #1? These brands have remained influential over the years, but how have they done that? Its important to keep your brand strong, cred...

Annie Jennings October 10, 2019 Access Replay

Cash Cow Consultant
Becoming a seven-figure subject matter expert

Get ready for this exclusive interview with one of our most booked SpeakerMatch Members, James Bird Guess. James has been a member since 2009, and has booked all kinds of speaking engagements over the...

James Bird Guess April 17, 2019 Access Replay

How to Maximize the Income from Any Speaking Engagement
with the Internet Multimillionaire

Tom is going to reveal the secrets only the top grossing speakers know. These secrets will help you to blast through average speakers fees so you can come home with speaker fees normal people would ch...

Tom Antion January 17, 2019 Access Replay

Getting Paid to Speak
Practical Steps to Have a Leading Profitable Business

Over a year ago, Dr. Carolyn shared Part I of her message, titled Finding Speaking Opportunities in Your Backyard and now shes back by popular demand with success stories from th...

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson December 06, 2018 Access Replay

Small Business Sponsorship for Speakers
How to Make 6 Figures a Year as a Speaker With Sponsorship

Sponsorship has been around for centuries, but modern sponsorship is still in it's infancy. Most of the big corporate dollars go to large properties like music and sporting events, and there are only ...

Julie Austin November 01, 2018 Access Replay

Write Your Book In A Flash
The Paint-by-Numbers System for Writing the Book of Your Dreams Fast

Many would-be authors dont take the first step because they are afraid of the unknown. They dont know how to write a book. They also probably have a lot of misinformation and bad ideas...

Dan Janal October 18, 2018 Access Replay

How to Leverage Press and Media Exposure to Grow Brand Awareness

We're joined in this edition of the SpeakerMatch interview series by celebrity hair stylist and national media personality Billy Lowe here to give us THE LOWE DOWN on driving brand exposure and awaren...

Billy Lowe September 06, 2018 Access Replay

10x Your Bookings With Powerfully Engaging Video and Deal Closing Website Branding
What you need to know and how you may be missing out on the most important tools to level up your speaking game!

Most speakers are missing the key elements of what it takes to pre-qualify clients, engage them along the process and to get the deal to tip over the top and close it quickly. They are missing the pow...

Kenyon Salo August 23, 2018 Access Replay

Master Hollywood's Secrets For Captivating Your Audience (On Air Story Critiques and Discussion)
Hollywood Story Expert Shares The 6 Simple Steps to a Great Story

Great speeches employ great stories to entertain, enlighten, and transform audiences while they move them to action. When you incorporate powerful stories into your speech, you create a deeper connect...

Michael Hauge July 12, 2018 Access Replay


How would it impact your speaking career if you received thousands of dollars of free media exposure by being interviewed as a guest expert on CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, top ...

Burke Allen June 13, 2018 Access Replay

Introduction to INSIDERS SECRETS
Keys to 6-Figure Speaking

In Introduction to INSIDERS SECRETS: Keys to 6-Figure Speaking, President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau Robin Jay will be pulling back the curtain on the speaking i...

Robin Jay May 03, 2018 Access Replay

Speaking At Colleges How to Get In
How one stuttering comedian did it and so can you!

Jerry Seinfeld said a lot of comedians wont play colleges because the students are too PC [politically correct]. Nina G says, more gigs for the rest of us! Nina G ...

Nina G April 12, 2018 Access Replay

Leveraging LinkedIn for Speakers
How to Take Your Profile to Profit and Relationships to Revenue

In this teleseminar, attendees will learn how to set up and maximize their LinkedIn profile. They will also learn how to build their network quickly on LinkedIn WITHOUT spamming people.Attendees wil...

Rhonda Sher March 01, 2018 Access Replay

Your Roadmap to Five Figure Speaking Gigs
How Kenyon went from $500 for his first paid engagement to commanding well over $10k per engagement in less than a year and how you can do it too!

Learn how to maximize your yearly speaking income by choosing quality over quantity in your events. Get paid more and travel less. In this teleseminar Kenyon will walk you through exactly how he made ...

Kenyon Salo January 25, 2018 Access Replay

The Highs, Lows and In-Betweens of International Speaking
What you need to know before you say Yes to your next international opportunity

If youve ever wanted to pursue international speaking opportunities, but were afraid of all the unknowns, then this teleseminar is for you.Christy will break down the ins and outs of speak...

Christy Largent December 07, 2017 Access Replay

Becoming A Best-Selling Author
How To Do So (And Why It Is Necessary), To Book More High-Paying Speaking Gigs

If you've ever wondered what path you need to take to write, publish and achieve best seller status this teleseminar is for you! In this exclusive tell-all, Patrick Snow, one of our all time favorite ...

Patrick Snow November 16, 2017 Access Replay

5 Keys to Speaking in Community, College, and Corporations Locally
Somebody Ought to Say Something

This teleseminar is designed to give attendees the edge in their lives socially or corporately by becoming an ESTABLISHED author, speaker, or consultant among your local community, whether that be ass...

Robert Lemon October 12, 2017 Access Replay

How To Break Into the Lucrative Voice Over Industry

While the terms voice acting and voice over artist have referred mostly to radio and TV commercials in the past, the web, apps, audio books and more have created new and ex...

Sonny Melendrez July 13, 2017 Access Replay

Why Speakers Need To Be Creating And Sharing Original Content On A Regular Basis
How Newsletters, Blogs, Podcasts, and Free Giveaways Lead To Speaking Opportunities!

The mere thought of creating and sharing original content sounds overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way! Our guest Michael Katz is an award-winning humorist and former corporate marketer who...

Michael Katz June 08, 2017 Access Replay

Finding Speaking Opportunities In Your Backyard
How to find, evaluate, and approach potential clients living and working in your hometown. Don't just drive by!

Everyday youre probably driving back and forth and passing by companies that could be your next opportunity to be their Speaker or Coach. Many Entrepreneurs have been taught not to look in th...

Carolyn Anderson May 25, 2017 Access Replay

The Magic is in the Message
How to create a message that brings magic to the stage

The primary task of a speaker is to find, live and share an authentic message. We are each born with a message that speaks to us through our passion, experience and expertise. Sometimes we enter the s...

Norma Hollis May 04, 2017 Access Replay

21 Mistakes That Virtually All Speakers Make When Publishing Their Books
(Which Prevents Them from Getting Booked)

All speakers know that meeting planners won't take you serious unless you have a book published. However, with more publishing options than ever before, how do you know which option to take and how to...

Patrick Snow April 27, 2017 Access Replay

Lessons From a Back-of-the-Room Product Sales Expert
Speak, Sell, Celebrate: How to Increase Your Income and Your Impact

Would you like to learn how some speakers earn tens of thousands of extra dollars in a single program? In this exciting interview and webinar, Seminars On Demand CEO Michael Jeffreys shares some of hi...

Michael Jeffreys March 23, 2017 Access Replay

Luxury Travel for 10 Cents on the Dollar
Real life experiences of how to travel the world in luxury at incredibly reduced rate

Ever thought about making the most of your next speaking engagement? Coach Chris joins us in this episode to show us how he "Coaches the Deals" as a professional speaker to empower his audiences to li...

Coach Chris Klesh March 09, 2017 Access Replay

Growing Your Speaking Empire with Multiple Streams of Income!
Get More Bookings, Sell More Products and Services with Ford Saeks, CSP

This SpeakerMatch teleseminar is designed for professional speakers, thought-leaders, authors and consultants that want to expand their digital footprint, attract new clients and gain an unfair compet...

Ford Saeks February 09, 2017 Access Replay

Grow Your Speaking Authority With A Podcast
And How to Leverage Podcasting to Land More Gigs

In this episode with Ben Krueger, the Podcast Educator you'll learn the exact steps to leverage podcasting as a speaker to land more gigs, build an audience of raving fans and position yourself as the...

Ben Krueger December 08, 2016 Access Replay

Using Direct Mail to Book Speaking Engagements
How to Cut through the Clutter & Stand Out!

Marketing is the most crucial element of your business; it's the only way to get new, paying customers and to get them coming back again and again. And the hardest part of marketing today is busting ...

Travis Lee December 01, 2016 Access Replay

How I Earned $250,000 From SpeakerMatch Bookings (And You Can Too)

Dial into this call to learn how international best-selling author and professional speaker, Patrick Snow, has booked and earned more than a quarter million dollars in revenue from SpeakerMatch over t...

Patrick Snow November 03, 2016 Access Replay

Dress your Way to Stage Success
What You Need to Know About How Your Image Impacts Your Audience

It is vital to a thriving speaking career that a presenter portrays a distinct compelling image while exhibiting unique personal style. When you step to the stage an audience will determine your credi...

Bella Verita October 13, 2016 Access Replay

What I Learned Writing, Delivering & Promoting a TED Talk Seen by FOUR MILLION People

Delivering a strong TED Talk is all about what you do BEFORE you take the stage, not when you take the stage. In this behind-the-scenes conversation, award-winning speaker, Josh Shipp shares specific ...

Josh Shipp September 22, 2016 Access Replay

Building a Bold Brand In a Busy Marketplace
6 Strategies that Will Get You Booked and Keep Your Audience Hooked

Building a successful brand as a speaker isn't an option in today's competitive marketplace, it is a necessity. Whether you are new to the industry, or a seasoned pro; you will discover actionable ide...

Dave Sheffield July 14, 2016 Access Replay

Reality TV Meets the Speaking Industry
Conversation with host of The Keynote

The Keynote reality television series was created to cultivate a cadre of motivators to confront the overwhelming trend of negative media and negative thinking. The show also gives viewers an intimate...

Delatorro L. McNeal II May 26, 2016 Access Replay

How to Electrify an Audience
with Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp

There is nothing more exhilarating than the feeling of walking away from an audience knowing you just hit the mark with your presentation! Its great connecting with the audience, feeling the e...

Patricia Fripp April 14, 2016 Access Replay

7 PROVEN Ways To Build Your Business With Facebook Advertising - Starting Today!

Dan Janal is back with an entirely new topic Facebook Ads! Dan literally wrote the first book on Internet Marketing when it was in its infancy and taught the first Internet Marketing course at...

Dan Janal March 24, 2016 Access Replay

Grant Baldwin Uncensored
Speaker Contracts, Launching a Successful Podcast, and Managing A Chaotic Speaking Schedule

Join us as we pick the brain of consummate professional speaker, Grant Baldwin. We'll be diving deep into speaker contracts, learning how Grant took not just one, but two podcasts to the top of the iT...

Grant Baldwin February 11, 2016 Access Replay

Marketing Your Way to Wealthy in 2016
Author of The Wealthy Speaker

Do you want to make 2016 wildly successful, but arent entirely sure how to make it happen? What is the difference between speakers who are rocking the market place, and speakers who struggle? ...

Jane Atkinson January 08, 2016 Access Replay

Cost Effective Tips to Improve Website Usability and Conversions
With CEO of Search Engine Marketing Firm SEO Solutions

This teleseminar is designed to provide the SpeakerMatch community with information on how to improve their online presence through web design, SEO & PPC. We will provide tips to website owners about ...

Doug Dvorak December 17, 2015 Access Replay

Finding, Creating & Delivering a World-Class Speech
With strategies to implement immediately before and after the speech

Meeting planners start judging speakers the moment the the communication begins. This evaluation is most intense in the 60 to 90 minutes before the speech and the 60 to 90 minutes after the speech. Th...

Patrick Snow November 05, 2015 More Information

Insider Secrets Successful Speakers Use to Get More Gigs
By Using Negotiation and Emotional Intelligence Strategies

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, has studied and practiced negotiation tactics and strategies for more than 30 years. Hes spent over 20 years studying the way bod...

Greg Williams October 08, 2015 Access Replay

Become a Highly Paid Expert Who Speaks Professionally With Multiple Streams of Income
Author of The Highly Paid Expert

Discover how to accelerate your brand awareness to quickly become recognized as an expert who speaks professionally. This content-rich program will show you the exact step-by-step p...

Debbie Allen October 01, 2015 Access Replay

How to Know When You Are Ready to Partner with a PR Agency
A Conversation with CEO of Allen Media Strategies

If you've ever wondered about the inner workings of a PR agency and how they serve their clients this will be an eye opening interview! Join us for an informative conversation with industry veteran, ...

Burke Allen September 24, 2015 Access Replay

Creating Raving Fans: The Art of Building a Loyal Audience
With Director of Marketing and Business Development at Greenleaf Book Group


Successful speakers have an audience of loyal fans behind them. These fans are the ones who leave thoughtful comments on your blog, buy your book on the first day it launches, and follow you on social...

Ashley Jones September 17, 2015 Access Replay

Next-Generation Ideas to Leverage, Repurpose, and Monetize Your Speech or Book
Get More Gigs, Grow Your Brand and Sell More Products


Join us for an information-packed, tactical and mind-stretching webinar that will give you actionable tips, tricks and tools to make more money (lots more) in the speaking business. If you have been t...

Michael Altshuler August 20, 2015 More Information

A Conversation With SpeakerMatch Academy Lead Curriculum Developer
Strategies for Speakers to Deepen Sales Funnels, Grow Your Client Base, and Become a Thought Leader in Multiple Target Markets

Top thought leaders on the cutting edge are transforming into dynamic information entrepreneurs and versatile content creators in career expanding new directions. They are redefining how they position...

Richard Andrews July 23, 2015 Access Replay

Leverage Your Speaking Business to Boost Your Coaching Revenues
And Other Gems from the #1 Booked Speaker on SpeakerMatch

Are you tired of losing out on those competitive speaking gigs and being left cash flow poor? If so, now is that time to create another stream of income and become less dependent on meeting planners c...

Patrick Snow June 04, 2015 More Information

Grants, Crowdfunding, and Sponsorships for Speakers
Innovative Ways for Speakers to Make a Living in the New Economy

Speakers who get in on sponsorship now will have the experience and connections it takes to sustain long term relationships with sponsors, which translates into repeat and steady PAID speaking gigs. I...

Julie Austin May 21, 2015 Access Replay

The Relevance Factor
Shorten Your Time Frame To Influence Audiences to Take Action

When you speak to an audience--no matter the size--on average only 25 percent of what is being said is heard by the audience. Why 25 percent? Every person has a personal radio station tuned in: WIIFM,...

Stuart Friedman May 07, 2015 More Information

Marketing With a Book
The Science of Attracting High-Paying Clients for Consultants and Coaches

The number one challenge for independent consultants and coaches is creating new clients. Ironically, many feel marketing is too time consuming, expensive, or undignified. Even if they try at marketin...

Henry DeVries April 09, 2015 Access Replay

How To Get Interviewed By Oprah
And Get Customer Service Strategies From The Worlds Leading Customer Experience Expert

Join Guestmatch.coms Chief Media Strategist Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies in Washington DC Thursday March 26th at 1pm ET/Noon CT for his conversation with customer experience expert ...

Dale Bare March 26, 2015 Access Replay

Sail the 7 Cs of Sensational Storytelling
Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income with the Power of Stories

The ability to tell stories effectively can have a profound effect on your life. Master this craft, and you can become better known, more quickly advance your career, make more money, and have fun. ...

Michael Davis March 19, 2015 Access Replay

Strategies for Off-Stage Social Media Engagement
Leveraging Your Professional Online Presence to Create a Win/Win with the Meeting Planner

As speakers, our job is to make the meeting planner look good! When they look good, we look even better and get more referrals. Meeting Planners are including more and more technology into their...

Melanie DePaoli February 19, 2015 More Information

ShowBiz Blueprint
Costly Mistakes Speakers and Entertainers Make When Booking Their Act

There are common mistakes that speakers and entertainers make when trying to book gigs. In this teleseminar we'll talk specifically about what slows down a career, one action you can (and should) take...

Barry Friedman February 05, 2015 Access Replay

A New Revenue Resolution
How to Double Your Speaking Revenue in 2015


Download Johnny's Action GuideAs we start another New Year, we make that same promise to ourselves that this year things are going to be different. We say to ourselves, "This year Im go...

Johnny Campbell January 29, 2015 Access Replay

Turning Free Speaking Engagements Into Big Revenue
How to Convert Free Gigs into $5K, $10K, and even $20K to Fill Your Bank Account

The speaking industry has changed and compensation for speaking services has come under pressure for a variety of reasons. You're a great speaker and you deserve to be compensated fairly. Patrick Snow...

Patrick Snow December 18, 2014 More Information

The Business Behind An Epic Keynote Speech
Marketing Your Way to Wealthy

Whether it comes to the speech, positioning, or marketing materials, Jane Atkinson will help you avoid the common mistakes and take advantage of techniques and tips that have helped many of her client...

Jane Atkinson October 09, 2014 More Information

Writing, Publishing, and Leveraging Your Book to Land Highly-Paid Speaking Gigs
Learn the Holy Grail of Leveraging Your Book

Patrick Snow has leveraged his success as a keynote speaker and published author into a 750+ client coaching business. His clients are from Australia to UK and everywhere in between. Patrick is a long...

Patrick Snow September 04, 2014 More Information

Become a Self-Published Author with Integrity
The 10 Essential Elements to Developing Your Books Uniqueness, Structure, Value, and Audience for Maximum Marketing Success

More and more professionals want or need to write a book to increase their credibility and enhance their speaking opportunities, but most have no idea where to begin and often make detrimental mistake...

Stacey Aaronson August 21, 2014 Access Replay

So, you know what youre going to say, but what are you going to wear?
Present Your Best Self with Expert Stylist, Nicole Chiu-Wang of Share Some Style


During this one-hour webinar, Nicole will provide style tips to help you answer the question what should I wear?! Not just for your next speaking engagement, but for all your future enga...

Nicole Chiu-Wang August 14, 2014 Access Replay

Speak Your Way to Success
Create Consistent and Predictable Cash Flow From Every Speaking Gig

Many speakers have worked hard to develop their speaking abilities but have no idea how to convert their audience prospects into paying clients, customers, or patients. Speakers hope...

Sue Henry June 05, 2014 Access Replay

The Number One Secret of Delivering a Great Speech
with Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp


Is your goal to become a consistently great speaker? Assuming your answer is "Yes" this is the teleseminar you will not want to miss. In-demand executive speech coach Patricia Fripp will share the bes...

Patricia Fripp May 29, 2014 Access Replay

Best Practices Are Stupid
Crush the Competition Through Innovation

Heres the startling truth The trite expressions designed to help people be more innovative actually kill innovation. After tuning in to this teleseminar, you will have specific strategi...

Stephen Shapiro May 15, 2014 Access Replay

How To Get Noticed As An Expert

You're a speaker and know your stuff inside and out. But do you really know how to brand your particular area of expertise and market yourself to media outlets? Each time you appear on a talk show, in...

Valerie Smaldone May 08, 2014 Access Replay

The Education Goldmine
How To Get Clients In The Overlooked Yet Lucrative Education Market

Do YOU have advice for kids, teens, college students, parents or educators?YOU WONT WANT TO MISS THIS.The education market is one of the most lucrative and dependable yet overlook...

Josh Shipp March 27, 2014 Access Replay

I'm Too Smart to Be Making So Little & Working So Much!
How to Leverage Your Expertise, Multiply Your Income & Build a 6-Figure Virtual Business

During this 60-minute event youre going to learn how to take your expertise, you know, the stuff thats in your head . . . the stuff that you speak on, and leverage it to multiply your ...

Sameer Kumar February 06, 2014 Access Replay

Reporters Are Looking for You!
Be the Go-To Person When Reporters Want to Write A Story About Your Topic

Reporters need more content from experts and authorities like you but they dont know you exist! Join us with our guest and founder of PR Leads, Dan Janal. Dan has helped more than 5,0...

Dan Janal January 23, 2014 Access Replay

Make 2014 the Year You Become the Speaker You Are Capable of Becoming
with Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp

As you set your goals for 2014, if one is to become a consistently good speaker, who delivers great speeches that your audiences enjoy, this is the SpeakerMatch Teleseminar you will not want to miss....

Patricia Fripp December 19, 2013 Access Replay

Leveraging Your Speech to Land Coaching Clients
No Coaching Certification Required!

Patrick Snow has leveraged his success as a keynote speaker and published author into a 500+ client coaching business. His clients are from Australia to UK and everywhere in between. Patrick is a long...

Patrick Snow December 12, 2013 More Information

The 3 Steps to get Prospects to Contact You Ready to say YES!
with The Bruce Lee of Sales and Lead Generation, Erik Luhrs


We all want more clients. We all think we are doing the right things to get them. But while most folks bust their humps all day and scratch their heads wondering why they cant get clients, som...

Erik Luhrs November 21, 2013 Access Replay

5 Ways to Double Your Income with Media Appearances
In the Next 90 Days!


Media coach and marketing expert Susan Harrow says that the fastest way to get booked for a speaking engagement is to be seen in the media. Your audience assumes that you're an authority, already famo...

Susan Harrow November 14, 2013 Access Replay

LinkedIn Strategies So Effective They're Scary!

Just in time for Halloween, LinkedIn specialist JD Gershbein offers a fresh brew of LinkedIn success tricks and treats from his steaming cauldron. JD is a professional speaker who has helped hundreds ...

J.D. Gershbein October 24, 2013 Access Replay

Business Models for Speakers
Maximizing Income Through Smart Work vs. Hard Work

The business model is the core of profitability for any business, including a speaking business. Understanding and innovating your business model can fundamentally change the profitability of your bus...

Jim Muehlhausen October 03, 2013 More Information

Get Gigs While You Sleep
Ingenious Digital Marketing Ideas from Author of Speaking on the Side

One of the hardest things about managing a speaking practice is the time it takes to generate quality leads. BUT you can create a gig-generation system that does the hard work for you, 24/7. Y...

Jeff Greene September 26, 2013 Access Replay

Using Webinars and Teleseminars to Grow Your Speaking Business
Allow the power of your voice to influence a potential audience of hundreds or even thousands

The biggest challenge for any emerging speaker is the marketing, in other words, getting yourself known. The most effective marketing, according to the original Macintosh evangelist Guy Kawasaki, is ...

Ted Janusz September 12, 2013 Access Replay

Negotiation and Body Language Strategies to Get More Gigs
with The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

On this episode we'll be speaking with Greg Williams, author of the bestselling book, "Negotiate: Afraid, 'Know' More" about negotiation and body language strategies that speakers can use to get more ...

Greg Williams June 20, 2013 More Information

No More Excuses
An Accountability Paradigm To Get More Done

In his "No More Excuses" program Sam presents the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. Sam shows how to increase success and s...

Sam Silverstein May 30, 2013 Access Replay

Sponsorship Without Breaking a Sweat
It Isn't Just for Athletes Anymore! How to Get Your Piece of This Emerging Market

Sponsorship has been around for centuries, but modern sponsorship is still in it's infancy. And most of the big corporate dollars go to large properties like music and sporting events. Sponsorship in ...

Julie Austin May 23, 2013 Access Replay

Strategic Marketing Blueprint
For Speakers, Authors and High-Fee Experts

David Newman specializes in thought-leadership marketing (aka Marketing for Smart People) via seminars, consulting and coaching programs to help you unlock the floodgates to bigger opportunities, ...

David Newman May 02, 2013 Access Replay

Align with a Seminar Company to Grow Your Speaking Business
Plus, learn what successful restaurateurs already know and how you can apply their business model

Starting any new business can be quite a challenge. SpeakerMatch has observed that 31 out of 32 people who try to launch a speaking business fail. Similarly, an Ohio State University s...

Ted Janusz April 04, 2013 Access Replay

How to Cut through the Clutter & Stand Out!
Using Direct Mail to Book Speaking Engagements

Marketing is the most crucial element of your business; it's the only way to get new, paying customers and to get them coming back again and again. And the hardest part of marketing today is busting ...

Travis Lee March 07, 2013 Access Replay

Strategies To Generate National and International Media Exposure and Speaking Engagements
Tim Kurek has appeared on The View, MSNBC, CNN, BBC and much more! Chief Media Strategist Burke Allen will talk with Tim about how he took his book, published by a very small Northwest indy publishing house, and turned it into a cottage industry with s...

Timothy Kurek February 28, 2013 Access Replay

How To Avoid Speaker Commoditization
Turn Your Service into Sales Without Selling Your Soul

Victoria will share her Success Strategies so YOU can Build your Business and Increase your Visibility, Credibility, and Hire-ability! On this teleseminar, you'll learn Immediate, Practical and Tangib...

Victoria Ashford February 21, 2013 Access Replay

How to Create Staying Power in the Speaking Business
Ten Strategies to Build Your Business

As we all know, there is no clear path to create success in this changing business environment. However some basics make sense and can help you move your speaking career forward. Lisa Ford has been sp...

Lisa Ford, CSP, CPAE November 13, 2012 Access Replay

Keynotes Or Workshops? Which is Better for Your Bank Account
And Why A Book is Needed to Succeed at Both

Often times as a speakers we are left waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get speaking engagements only to have meeting planners select another speaker. In this teleseminar you will lear...

Patrick Snow October 16, 2012 Access Replay

LinkedIn Strategies For Professional Speakers
Connect to Speak

Successful use of LinkedIn comes down to presenting well, connecting with the right people and communicating with authenticity and purposeboth online and offline. During this program, you wil...

J.D. Gershbein August 28, 2012 Access Replay

Build Your Brand and Get More Prospects with Publicity
Tilt the Odds In Your Favor with Proven Media Tactics

Publicity is an important tool for authors, speakers and small businesses because PR LEADS to profits. Getting publicity can set you apart from your competitors. Publicity can give you the visibility ...

Dan Janal August 07, 2012 Access Replay

Susan Levin's Perspective on Building a Speaking Business
Discover. Understand. Implement. Generate.

Whether you are an author, speaker, expert, consultant, coach or entrepreneur, speaking is one of the fastest ways to more business and credibility. Susan Levin shares her perspective and insights on ...

Susan Levin July 10, 2012 More Information

Bio Blunders Speakers Must Avoid
Transform Your Boring Bio From Wallpaper To Wow

Your bio is a branding and positioning tool that can set you apart from others and help you monetize your message now. Creating a memorable message that showcases who you serve, the valu...

Nancy Juetten June 26, 2012 Access Replay

Marketing and Sales Accelerator for Thought-Leading Professionals
The NEXT Level of Success for Speakers, Authors and Experts

You could be the best speaker in the world, but if no one knows who you are, then youll spend your days speaking to no one but yourself!On this call, you will get actionable tools, templat...

David Newman May 29, 2012 Access Replay

The Wealthy Speaker
Marketing Your Way to Wealthy

Whether it comes to the speech, positioning, or marketing materials, Jane Atkinson will help you avoid the common mistakes and take advantage of techniques and tips that have helped many of her client...

Jane Atkinson May 22, 2012 Access Replay

From Sporadic Speeches To Recurring Revenue
The speakers formula for building a bigger audience and bigger business with membership sites

Face it, a speaking business that relies on the next "gig" can be a grind. Here's the good news - a new model exists allowing you to speak to a paying audience every month (without having to hit the r...

Stu McLaren April 17, 2012 Access Replay

Writing Copy That Sells
Your Programs, Services, and Info-products

Do you need to get a better response to the marketing you do? Do you need to generate more leads, attract more clients, get more sales, or make more profits? The surest way to do that is to improve yo...

Steve Slaunwhite April 03, 2012 Access Replay

How to Be a Powerful, Pithy Presenter
Increase the Quality of Your Presentation, Content, and Delivery

Learn from a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker how you can increase the quality of your presentation, content, and delivery.

Patricia Fripp March 06, 2012 Access Replay

The Professional Speaker's Secret Marketing Weapon
Learn from one of SpeakerMatch's most consistently booked speakers!

You're in for a real treat with our special guest, Patrick Snow. Patrick has been a SpeakerMatch member for over 5 years and consistently books, on average, 1 to 2 speaking engagements each month. Thi...

Patrick Snow January 31, 2012 More Information

Power Presentations
Tools, Strategies, and Inspiration to Deliver Winning Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote


Kevin Lerner, of PowerPresentations, shares techniques of the pros, so that your presentations will sizzle. This educational session provides creative techniques and time-saving strategies with Micros...

Kevin Lerner January 10, 2012 Access Replay

R.A.P.I.D. Speaking Success
for New and Emerging Speakers

Do you want to shave years off your learning curve as a speaker? Then make sure you do things in order. Knowing the sequencing of activities will help you make sure you complete first things first. Sa...

Norma Hollis December 13, 2011 More Information

Rock Your World
5 Things Speakers Can Do Every Day For Success

"5 Things To Do Every Day for Success" was originally posted as a blog on in March earlier this year. Since that time, it has been the #1 read blog post on 6 months in ...

Dayna Steele November 29, 2011 Access Replay

Get Your Business or Project Funded
Creative Ways for Getting the Money You Need

In this SpeakerMatch Radio interview, best selling author and the countrys leading small business expert Steve Strauss shares scores of insights from his latest book on how anyone can get their busine...

Steve Strauss June 16, 2011 Access Replay

How to Be a Paid Public Speaker
Learn the Secrets to Making a Solid Income as a Speaker Within Six Months

The speaking business seems like a glamorous, easy way to make a lot of money with little effort. Top speakers can make thousands and thousands of dollars for just one hours worth of their time. It se...

Fred Gleeck, Bill OHanlon, and Avish Parashar May 13, 2011 Access Replay

Using Direct Mail to Book Speaking Engagements
How to Cut through the Clutter & Stand Out!

Marketing is the most crucial element of your business; it's the only way to get new, paying customers and to get them coming back again and again. And the hardest part of marketing today is busting ...

Travis Lee May 12, 2011 More Information

How and Why Speakers Should Write A Book
No matter what your background, this content-packed hour will change the way you THINK about speaking and publishing.

Let's face it; many emerging speakers who haven't yet written a book to help them secure promotion and credentialing can't seem to earn a decent living. Maybe you're not even making enough as a sp...

Fred Gleeck May 03, 2011 More Information

Leveraging Self Publishing To Build Your Brand
Plus, a discussion about the changes in the media and publishing industry

David and Ellen will discuss the changes in the media and publishing industry and why "self publishing" and creating a publishing company has become the way to get your book out there. They'll dig int...

David Wolf & Ellen Reid April 07, 2011 More Information

The Future is Now: The Virtual You
with Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp

How do you have a competitive edge when you compete with so many other speakers, trainers and coaches? Do your clients want training and have cut their budget to a third? What do you do if your client...

Patricia Fripp March 31, 2011 More Information

The Power of Follow Up & Referrals
To 'Capture' More Speaking Business

Let's face it, follow up is often the downfall of most businesses. However, in this rare and revealing interview, bestselling author and marketing genius, Tony Rubleski, will share several of his 'Top...

Tony Rubleski March 22, 2011 More Information

How to Get Shortlisted or Accepted...
in 10 Steps or Less!

Listen in and gather simple tips, tools and techniques from a SpeakerMatch member who's getting the job done and getting paid! In this teleseminar, you'll learn how to make your application more attr...

Victoria Ashford March 03, 2011 Access Replay

Getting on Oprah
How Bill O'Hanlon made this and other media appearances a reality

On this call, Burke will be discussing how speakers, authors and others can generate thousands of dollars in free exposure by positioning themselves as an expert in their field in the media (TV, radio...

Bill O'Hanlon February 24, 2011 More Information

Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow
Attract Clients and Speaking Gigs Now

It's amazing how many aspiring speakers and experts find it hard to get to the magic of their own messages to compel meeting planners and others to say YES to what they offer. Today's teleseminar is ...

Nancy Juetten February 17, 2011 More Information

Hitting the Media Jackpot
With Burke Allen and 7 Time Lotto Winner Richard Lustig

Getting FREE media exposure is a lot like hitting the lottery; it can generate thousands of dollars in your bank account almost instantly! Join us this Thursday, when GuestMatch Chief Media Strategist...

Richard Lustig February 03, 2011 Access Replay

Generate Free Media Exposure to...
Drive Your Business and Increase Your Credibility

Join Burke and GuestMatch Chief Technical Officer (and SpeakerMatch CEO) Bryan Caplovitz to get the inside scoop on generating free media using GuestMatch and OTHER free or low cost methods.Well l...

Burke Allen November 18, 2010 More Information

How to Get Publicity On Major Media Web Sites

Publicity is an important tool for speakers because PR LEADS to profits. Getting publicity can set you apart from your competitors. Publicity can give you the visibility you need to attract new prospe...

Dan Janal November 04, 2010 Access Replay

Special Guest and Radio Producer JC Fernandez
Insider Tips and Techniques to Getting Tons of Free Publicity Doing Radio Shows

GuestMatch Chief Strategist Burke Allen talks with veteran major market radio producer JC Fernandez. Youll learn insider tips and techniques to getting tons of free publicity doing radio shows.

JC Fernandez October 05, 2010 Access Replay

Speaking at Tradeshows
How To Make $3000 to $5000 Speaking At Tradeshows!

During this 60 minute interview with Timothy Noonan we'll be discussing this insider niche market that is often overlooked by emerging and professional speakers. Plus, you don't even need to create a ...

Timothy Noonan September 16, 2010 More Information


To generate publicity and public awareness for the Denver Foundation, Dreama has been working with Burke Allen and the team at GuestMatch and Allen Media Strategies. This Tuesday September 14th at 2pm...

Dreama Denver September 14, 2010 More Information

GuestMatch Q&A
How to Make the Most of a GuestMatch Membership

Join Burke Allen of Allen Media Strategies and Bryan Caplovitz of SpeakerMatch on an information packed teleseminar where they will be discussing how to properly position your expertise for media inte...

GuestMatch July 20, 2010 Access Replay

How To Sell Without Being Salesy...
On Stages And Teleseminars

It's a disservice to let interested consumers walk away without securing the benefit of your fabulous products or services. They came to buy from you. Give them what they need to say "YES!" During thi...

Lisa Sasevich July 01, 2010 More Information

STOP Speaking for Free
Making Money with Webinars

The right to free speech was never meant to prohibit experts from generating income through speaking. Yet, many speakers seem to interpret "free speech" as a mandate to give away their specialized exp...

Lee Salz June 17, 2010 More Information

Video Marketing Secrets Revealed
How to use videos to generate leads, gigs and sales!

In the Social Media world, Johnny's is a one of kind marketer with his highly effective marketing and selling tactics that get people to reach in their wallets and buy. Based on Johnny's social media ...

Johnny Campbell May 27, 2010 Access Replay

Closing the Sale
Converting Your Audience into Six Figure Clients

Unless you are one of the handful of speakers whose calendar is packed with $10K+ speaking gigs, creating a burgeoning bank account depends on the dollars you pull in after you leave the stage.The...

David A. Fields May 20, 2010 More Information

Why did my proposal get rejected?
Event Planner, Marie Herman, reveals what you may be doing wrong.

Have you ever wondered why an event planner has selected another speaker over you? Maybe you've secretly suspected that there was something you were doing that was sabotaging your chances of being con...

Marie Herman May 13, 2010 Access Replay

Patricia Fripp Up-Close and Personal
Totally candid interview with 32 year NSA veteran and Hall of Fame keynote speaker

Patricia Fripp answers 6 frequently asked questions among emerging and professional speakers. The issues she'll be discussing with host, Bryan Caplovitz, come in 3 categories; NSA, Business, and Speak...

Patricia Fripp April 22, 2010 Access Replay

Six Pixels of Separation
How Professional Speaking Connects In A Connected World

Companies still struggle to understand online marketing as a new generation of digital opportunities unfolds. Consumers have never been so powerful. Consumers have never been so connected. Mitch Joel ...

Mitch Joel April 01, 2010 Access Replay

How Speakers Can Avoid the Reject Pile
SpeakerMatch Member Exclusive

Our guest on today's program is Jason Fluck, a meeting planner, who has utilized SpeakerMatch to find speakers on two occasions. With that, Jason has come away with some interesting observations and i...

Jason Fluck March 22, 2010 More Information

Help Me Hire You
Surefire Strategies to Get Booked and Stay Booked from a Speaker-turned-Planner

As a full-time speaker who spent a year booking 160+ events, David Newman will show you how to build your business and increase your visibility, credibility, and hire-ability! Learn exactly what gets ...

David Newman December 04, 2008 Access Replay
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