How to Solve Problems & Reduce Stress

How to Solve Problems & Reduce Stress

Learn an easy system for taking control of your circumstances to produce change.

Excessive stress is our enemy. It attacks our bodies and diminishes our personal and professional effectiveness. Thereby, it destroys our productivity and steals our health, plus our money. This session is going to help YOU Reduce Stress by Solving Problems. You will laugh at the outrageous stories Stan tells to help us understand how our brain works. You will learn a new uncomplicated way to take control of those Naughty Neurons that spew out those awful Stress Producing Electrochemical Signals. You will quickly adopt a clever system for tackling and solving problems that cause you stress. Plus, you will discover how to harness the neuroscience of the Pain-Pleasure Principles to get the leverage on yourself to change. You could be the next person to share your testimonial of a good night’s sleep, lower blood pressure and/or peace of mind. When you apply, even a fraction of the principles you will learn; your life could change as it has for others. This session may turn out to be the highlight of your convention experience. You will walk away from this workshop with a unique memory tool to aid you in your thinking process. It will help you reflect on the action steps that you will be taking to solve your problems and reduce your stress. Your audience will enjoy themselves - BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they will be equipped to change their lives for the better. NOTE: This message shall be tailored to your audience, therefore requires the event planner to reply to a questionnaire 6 weeks before the event. Thank you for discovering for yourself what we have to share with you and your audience. Together we can make a difference. Stan

Stan Reynolds — Motivational Speaker

Stan Reynolds

Motivating & Inspiring Audiences to Grow & Succeed

Let’s have some fun learning how to solve problems and achieve goals while reducing stress. Stan’s motivational style creates an atmosphere charged with inspiration and wisdom. Programs are customized, interactive & embrace different learning styles.

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