Humor in the Workplace

Humor in the Workplace

The superpowers of humor build trust, innovation, leadership and culture.

The research has shown your team will perform better when humor is part of the company culture. And fear not! Not everyone has the ability to be a comedian and being a stand-up comic isn’t necessary for you to facilitate more humor in your workplace. This workshop or presentation explores how you approach humor and how to elevate humor within yourself and within your team. The results are spectacular – and of course, you’ll have fun throughout the process! This workshop is ideal for teams ready to go from from “Good” to “Great” and sets a foundation for a growth mindset around building a better culture one laugh at a time!

Anthony Poponi — Motivational Speaker

Anthony Poponi

Don't live your life half-glassed.

Through Focus on the 40© programs Anthony engages his audiences with his high-energy and high-impact approach to get teams inspired to change and focused on the habit-forming tools to ensure inspiration leads to habits and habits lead to results.

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