How to Build a Strong Team!

How to Build a Strong Team!

A Simple System for Getting Everyone on the Same Page --- Quickly!

Please hold back your laughter as Stan shares the life lessons learned from his forty years of owning and operating small businesses. You and your team will be receiving a very important and valuable "Thinking Tool, the LogicDie." It will provide an easy step by step process for changing whatever needs to be changed. It will help you to quickly gain understanding and develop plans of action to solve problems and your accomplish goals. Stan will share from the lessons he has learned from employing hundreds of people and fighting countless fires. This session will be very humorous - Plus will deliver a serious and timely message. There are basic mistakes that the majority of small business owners commit. These mistakes must be addressed if we are going to make our business work better. If we fail; our business will run us, instead of us running them. Do you find yourself fighting fires day after day? Is the fun gone out of being in business? Are you the first one to arrive and last to leave? Has the business that was supposed to provide you with freedom turned into a JOB? If that describes you, you will want a front row seat at this seminar to learn how to change what needs to be changed. Stan's forty, plus, years of experience has taught him many vital lessons. At the same time he enjoys sharing the teachings of legendary business people such as: Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford to name a few. You will learn and enjoy a great deal from this session. Please call our office now at (813) 406-7000. You will be glad you did!

Stan Reynolds — Motivational Speaker

Stan Reynolds

Motivating & Inspiring Audiences to Grow & Succeed

Let’s have some fun learning how to solve problems and achieve goals while reducing stress. Stan’s motivational style creates an atmosphere charged with inspiration and wisdom. Programs are customized, interactive & embrace different learning styles.

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