Maximizing Time

Maximizing Time

Better Thinking vs. More Effort

A never-ending cycle. Always chasing for more time. Watching the clock. Feeling “burnt out” from the pressures of unrealistic deadlines. The continual need to meet deadlines and achieve greatness is a battle that we all struggle with endlessly, every day. Rated in the top 1% among time management trainers, Eric Papp delivers a unique keynote that provides innovative and practical strategies to escape the pressure of time. Starting with the notion to divide daily priorities, this session helps listeners understand that setting up filters and engaging in hard thinking will free them from time constraints. Daily confidence is strongly correlated with progress. Eric teaches that when hundreds of things are trying to be moved an inch, people leave feeling defeated. Instead, he encourages participants to focus on a few things at a time, which results in more overall progress. Utilizing compelling real-life stories, Eric excites listeners with his proven methods and strategies to achieving more by doing less. Give Eric a listen in The Power of Maximizing Time And Escaping Its Pressure, and you’ll feel more confident in the goals you set. Time pressure will no longer take up precious mental space. It’s time to take back control of your personal and professional life by planning and prioritizing the easy way. Key Aspects of Effective Time Management Strategy: · The 80/20 method used across every discipline and industry · Weekly Strategy Sheet · Overcoming the Fallacy of Doing · How to win 3x a day to help sustain confidence, motivation, and momentum

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert — Motivational Speaker

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert

Taking Effective Action for Managers and Sales Professionals

Audiences enjoy Eric’s impromptu humor, ability to understand their known unspoken challenges, and actionable strategies that produce an increase in confidence and performance. Serving: Annual Conferences, Sales Meetings, and Leadership Events.

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