The Secret Marketing Weapon: Women!

The Secret Marketing Weapon: Women!

How Engaging Women Boosts Your Bottom Line

Women are the world's largest consumer group - a $12trillion market worldwide - and make about 80% of the purchasing decisions. Women also share recommendations, bring their families and friends along, and do it differently than men do. Values matter more to women. Despite all the strides women have made, women are still pandered to and stereotyped and marginalized. With a dynamic presentation tailored to your audience, I can help you engage women - women consumers, women leaders, women business owners, women employees and women investors. I use anecdotes, stories, and humor from decades of leading marketing communications efforts with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, with high-profile women leaders and home-based businesses run by stay-at-home moms. Let's fire up your market!

Joan Michelson — Motivational Speaker

Joan Michelson

Increasing Women in Leadership in Your Organization

You have diversity goals, but consistently fall short and you don't know why. You need more women in leadership but they aren't applying for the roles or are declining them and you don't know why. I will share the fundamental shift you need to make.

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