Strategies That Will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”

Strategies That Will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”

Raising awareness and enthusiasm for your organization

Key Points: - A positive image will determine your success - Your attitude toward others will draw newcomers - Your purpose piques others' interest - Publicity has beneficial results - Including everyone will reinforce your relationships - Creating contests, scholarships, and awards will entice involvement - Exciting activities will draw more outsiders - Positive communication will promote your group, i.e. websites, list servs, brochures, and newsletters - Internal support mechanisms lead to retention - Inspiring conferences or seminars give focus - Involvement in your community gives sense of belonging

Ardis (Kiel) Bazyn — Motivational Speaker

Ardis (Kiel) Bazyn

Making the impossible possible

An experienced award-winning speaker, author, and business coach, helping individuals, groups, and organizations overcome challenges and achieve success through humorous and motivating personal stories.

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