African American History/Culture Speaker!

African American History/Culture Speaker!

James Donaldson has spoken to and worked with the African - American communities (of which he is a proud product of) from the beginning!

Are you working with an African-American group or community that would benefit from hearing uplifting information about the great contributions of our culture? Would you like it to be known and shown that there are a multitude of roads to success available for every African-American man, woman, boy or girl? African Americans throughout history have made significant contributions that many times have gone unnoticed.... our communities (and especially young people) need to know these things! I share my strategies of success in the worlds of athletics, business, community and life in a message that is culturally relevant and resonates with our communities. I share my experience is in resisting being put into a stereotypical box, and breaking through all stereotypes to become successful in every field that I've engaged in. African Americans are a great people with a wonderful history and culture. We need to be reminded (sometimes) that we have the ability to do just about anything and everything that we set our mind to do.... just look at the tremendous accomplishments of President Obama already!

James Donaldson — Motivational Speaker

James Donaldson

Author of Standing Above The Crowd and CEO of Your Gift Life

Mental Health Challenges are Stressing Our Children - I specialize in Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.... especially pertaining to our younger generation

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