You have to be a little Crazy to be Great!

You have to be a little Crazy to be Great!

The real story behind just how dedicated you need to be to achieve greatness in any chosen endeavor

This keynote talk will share the story of how my obsession with being the best I could be disrupted any sense of balance I had in my life. I pursued my goals with maniacal focus, but I paid a high price for this as well. It wasn't until watching the Last Dance and Kobe documentaries did I realize that I was not crazy, but I was on the right track for greatness. While I did not achieve the same level as Michael and Kobe, through them I learned that I had a Champion's mindset. This talk will share my story of rising to number 18 in the world as a Professional Racquetball Player, and my subsequent burnout, only to be reborn as a successful coach. I would not recommend that anyone follow in my exact footsteps, as I do not think they will make it. I believe my experiences could be invaluable to someone currently on the rise in their career or athletic pursuit, helping them to understand the path I have already walked and what few things I would do differently to ensure I had no regrets at the end.

Coach Darrin — Motivational Speaker

Coach Darrin

Speaker with a PASSION for shortening the learning curve

Inspirational Speaker with a PASSION for shortening the learning curve of others. By sharing stories and lessons from my background as an athlete, coach, mentor and sales professional, I intend to share actionable takeaways for my audience. Excellence is a learned skill, and infusing your daily habits with an excellence mindset will get you where you want to go! Stories from my life will make you laugh, cry, ponder and most of all, convince you that anything is possible!

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