Shift Happens!® When You Dare To Be Different

Shift Happens!® When You Dare To Be Different

Creating sustaining client relationships

This is the blueprint for contractually growing your business. Your audience will learn how to develop the skills and strategies needed to rise to the top in a world where clients have almost unlimited access to information and expertise. Discover what clients really want from a practitioner that actually runs several successful businesses including on line gifts, concierge travel, and artisan chocolates. From start-ups to Fortune 100, Jim has first-hand experience on what it takes for a variety of clients to achieve the common sense wisdom of a Customer-focused marketing philosophy for both services and products. he'll talk about price capture, switching costs, price acceptance, creating Meaningful Memories and Customer Insistence and much more. He will challenge the audience to think differently and see new opportunities Jim offers uncommon common-sense explanations for complex issues by moving past pop management rhetoric to focus on the central truths that lead to success. He not only provides practical information you can apply immediately, he also believes his job isn’t complete unless your audience is challenged to take specific action.

James D. Feldman CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, PCS — Motivational Speaker

James D. Feldman CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, PCS

The Nowist™ Transformation Advisor Delivering Real Results

James communicates thoughtfully, prepares carefully, arrives early, and is perfectly prepared. He understands how to use all 5 senses for active participation and leverages his expertise using licensed movie scenes to drive content points home now. James' unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. It requires 3D Thinking™

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