Read 'Em And Reap - Face Reading

Read 'Em And Reap - Face Reading

How To Know And Influence Anyone In 10 Seconds Or Less

The science of face reading, also known as physiognomy, has been used since before Sigmund Freud developed Freudian Psychology. It is the science of understanding facial structure and what belief is reflected in the overall makeup of the face. In this program, you will learn the 5 main components of the face and how they relate to the way a person will interact in business. The upper third of the face describes a person’s decision-making style and process, as well as their approach to making decisions in their communication. The middle third of the face describes a person’s sense of self, their responsibility, introversion or extraversion, and any defensiveness in their personality. The lower third of the face describes a person’s will, their need for affirmation, and their trust or distrust of the people around them. The left side of the face unlocks the secrets to a person’s personal life, while the right side of the face unlocks the secrets to a person’s business life. What The Program Covers… - How and why we make the first impressions that we do - How to control your perception of other people - How to adapt your style to the person that you are with at the time in order to engage at a deeper level - How to know what a customer, client, employee, or family member needs from you in order to feel safe and cared for - How to utilize components of advanced interpersonal communication to have a positive influence on others

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Jody Holland

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