Project Management

Project Management

Build Your Skill Set Through PM Methodologies, Communication Skills, and Envisioning Success!

Project Management is a large umbrella of opportunity for skill set introduction, development, and enhancement. Presentations and workshops can focus can be on introducing project management methodologies, or developing communication skills, such as team collaboration, negotiation, empowerment, and positive perspectives, especially in regards to everyone's favorite topic to avoid: change. Just as important is enhancing skills to motivate indirect reports to see the value in completing tasks for the overall benefit of all involved in the project. All stakeholders are important to a project, and providing proper communications and customer service to them will help you obtain the buyl-in needed to succeed on your project. Working as a project manager (certified PMP, MPM) for more than 10 years, Dan works continuously to build relationships, create positive & fun work environments, and envision success on projects. He can help your team do the same for your organization!

Daniel Simon, Speaker & Facilitator — Motivational Speaker

Daniel Simon, Speaker & Facilitator

A speaker and workshop facilitator with international experience, Dan customizes keynotes, motivational speeches, and workshops for maximum impact in many areas of project management, career development, and lifelong dreams...

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