WEBINARS HAVE BEEN UPDATED AND IMPROVED WITH: NEW CONTENT & PRESENTATION INFLATION & COVID-19 CONCERNS & CHALLENGES NEW AFFORDABLE PRICING FIGHT INFLATION BY OPTIMIZING WORKING CAPITAL/CASH WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY (New Webinar) Inflation is the current condition of the business environment. Working capital must be optimized to respond to inflation, rising interest rates & demand pressures for payment Key Takeaways: Definition & impact of inflation on capital/cash flow Inhibitors to efficient cash flow Improvements to cash flow with advanced technology Create a cash-centered culture CONTROL EXPENSES & CASH BY INITING ACCOUNTS PAYABLE & RECEIVABLE WITH TECHNOLOGY. PREVENT FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE ACCELERATED BY COVID-19 (Trending) Webinar covers how the dynamic duo of Accounts Payable & Receivable can be linked to control expenses & cash as well as prevent fraud waste & misuse accelerated during COVID-19 Key Takeaways Three steps to transform to transactions based fully interactive AP & AR processes Using technology to connect transactions in a "work from anywhere" environment Prevent employee fraud, waste & misuse accelerated during COVID-19 GUARANTEED R-U-L-E-S FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS SIMPLIFIED IN AN INFLATION DRIVEN COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT ( New Business Motivational Webinar ) Basic RULES essential to succeed in business and guaranteed as a success formula. Based on experiences learned in actual practice as senior business manager & entrepreneur Key Takeaways: A business based motivational challenge to business professionals to succeed with a prove success formula Five proven success steps R- Re-Imagine Processes-Procedures-Organization-Controls U- Understand the COVID-19 & Inflation influenced environment L- Leverage COVID-19 lessons learned E- Engage resources to assist S- Service your customers/stay the course FINANCE & ACCOUNTING 101 SIMPLIFIED THREE WEBINRS IN ONE (Trending) A composite presentation of three webinars. Designed to provide a foundation fron non-financial professionals and a refresher for financial professionals (See details under separate program of the same name) PAYROLL RULES & ADMINISTRATION SIMPLIFIED. INCLUDES NEW DOL OVERTIE RUES PLUR INFLATION & COVID-19 CONCERNS & CHALLENGES Tools & Techniques to understand payroll rules & administration under new DOL guidelines. Includes impact of inflation , "work from anywhere"& COVID-19 on payroll & wages. New trends & technologies. Key Takeaways: Proper classification & payment of Contractors, Exempt & Non-Exempt employees New Dept of Labor approved classifications, guidelines & rules of overtime payment Six steps implementation plan for the new DOL rules & guidelines "Work from anywhere" (WFA) trend on payroll & wages Impact & concerns of inflation on payroll & wages COVID-19 concerns & challenges New payroll future trends & technologies ACCOUNTS PAYABLE INTERNL CONTROLS BEST PRACTICES IN AN INFLATION DRIVES COVID-19 PAPERLESS ENVIRONMENT Robust internal controls must be established & maintained in a paperless accounts payable environment, the central processing point for all finance activities. It is more challenging to establish internal controls in a paperless environment Key Takeaways: Internal control institutional framework, foundation-principles ,best practices Interactions & organizational awareness of internal controls in a paperless environment Technology as an enabler to transactions-based processes & inhibitors to fraud, waste & misuse accelerated under COVID-19 "work from anywhere" environment RE-IMAGINE CONTROLLER CHALLENGES IN AN INFLATION DRIVEN COVID-19 ENVIRONENT (ADDED CONTENT) New roles for the Controller in a turbulent business climate. Focuses on Controller as strategic partner participating in all business activities. Key Takeaways: Controller's new role as strategic partner Running the company with the numbers and not by the numbers Understanding cares & concerns in a post COVID-19 environment Coping with inflation is today's turbulent business environment New forecasting & budgeting techniques RE-IMAGINE FINANCE & ACCOUNTING IN AN INFLATION DRIVEN COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT Webinar addresses Organization-Processes-Procedures- Create new norms from COVID-19 lessons learned in organization, processes, procedures, controls & creating a new finance & accounting normal Key Takeaways: How COVID-19 required businesses to destroy traditional norms of operation and resort to a survival mentality Lessons learned from COVID-19 to replace in-house organizations, processes, procedures & controls hastily employed to cope with the turbulent economy & environment created by COVID-19 How to re-imagine finance & accounting organization, processes, procedures & controls as the foundation for a new normal to improve profits & productivity RE-IMAGINE PLANNING & BUDGETING INAN INFLATION DRIVEN COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT Tools & techniques to transition from traditional data-based budgeting to new Rolling Forecasts techniques based on forward projection of Key Business Drivers Key Takeaways: Rolling Forecasts meaning & concept Six Steps excel based platform to convert to Rolling Forecasts Two steps excel based platform to migrate to budget system PLANNING & BUDGETING FOR NON-FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS Overview of basic planning & budgeting tools & techniques specifically designed for non-financial professionals Key Takeaways: Basic background and understanding of planning & budgeting Fundamentals of planning & budgeting as relates to finance & accounting Relevant reporting review & analysis of planning & budgeting COMUNICATING FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO NON-FINANCIAL STAKEHOLDERS Provides financial professionals with tools & techniques to communicate financial information Key Takeaways: Bridging the gap between finance knowledge and information relevant to the management of financial resources Communicating financial information to customers & stakeholders in terms they can understand. Suggested forms of financial information and the techniques of communicating AUTOMATE TO ACTIVATE EFFICIENT ACCOUNTING CLOSE Accounting is often called a constant series of closing the books. Timeliness in closed the books is key and typically takes too long. Automation through integrated technology is the key to quick efficient accounting close Key Takeaways: Automation the key to efficient accounting close Closing the books in 3 days or less Create a closing game plan and coordinator Efficient accounting close in "work from anywhere" environment l RE-IMAGINE SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED IN AN INFLATION DRIVEN COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT Tools & techniques form coping in the COVID-19 & post COVID-19 environment Key Takeaways Key concepts, tools & techniques, methods & models for successful small business management based on actual experience of the trainer Three Key success elements Customers Cost & Cash Simple model for establishing prices Managing cash & finances WEBINARS ON DEMAND AFFORDABLE GROUP PRICING CONTACT ME 404 398 1838 VISIT WEB SITE NEW AFFORDABLE PRICING LIMITED TIME ONLY

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach — Motivational Speaker

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Mr. Simplicity

MBA, Author, former Chief Financial Officer of $275M high growth technology company, Business Owner, Consultant, Business Coach, Passionate, Engaging & Entertaining Speaker & Trainer. Specializing in Finance & Accounting Webinars on Demand tailored to the timing & schedule of the attendees. Webinars have bee upgraded to add new trends & technologies and COVID-19 concerns & challenges. Affordable pricing negotiated for groups. These are all webinars worth watching and provide a knowledge base via tools & techniques easy to understand & apply

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