“Where Have All The People Gone?”

“Where Have All The People Gone?”

Has Technology Depersonalized Your Organization?

Did you ever shake hands with an email or fax? Did you ever look one in the eyes? They don’t have facial expressions. Do you really know who you are doing business with? In the cutthroat world of business, many aspiring moguls reject kindness as a virtue and develop a sharp competitive edge that can wound struggling colleagues. For those who wish to rise to the top without knocking others down, Michael offers guidance on how to succeed without destroying those around you. People want to do business with people not emails and faxes. Through his humorous yet serious presentation Michael motivates his audience on how to think outside the box and put the humanness back into business. His human touch, not giving into or relying only on electronic options as most companies do, lead him to be nominated as the best company in America in his field. The speaker also explores how customer service in America has vanished. Why are consumers treated like the enemy? This talk is filled with real life humorous and horror stories about how the technological revolution has hurt business by removing humanism. Based on the speakers book “Success By Default-The Depersonalization of Corporate America.” Michael's presentations are more than entertainment they are enlightening.

Michael Solomon — Motivational Speaker

Michael Solomon

The Problem Is You May Not Know The Problem!

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