Creating A Culture of Kindness®

Creating A Culture of Kindness®

How to Use Compassion to Boost Passion & Profits

According to a recent national survey, over 68% of Americans say they do not enjoy their job and consequently, don’t look forward to going to work each morning. Yet, companies like Southwest Airlines employ some of the happiest people on earth. After years of studying and working with many of these successful organizations, Sonny Melendrez shares the powerful element that sets them apart from their competitors: a culture of caring and kindness. Treat your conference or meeting audience to his enlightening presentation, filled with ideas and insight of how to motivate team members beyond company policy. "Creating A Culture of Kindness" will inspire, inform, and empower your leaders and future managers to deliver their best service. Interactive program encourages: -Compassion toward all -Personal pride in all aspects of life -Empowerment to do the BEST thing for all concerned -Above and beyond service -Personal growth through continuing education -Leadership through example -Daily goal setting More....

Sonny Melendrez — Motivational Speaker

Sonny Melendrez

Intentional Enthusiasm is the key to unstoppable success!

Award-winning TEDx keynote speaker and Hall of Fame broadcaster, Sonny Melendrez delivers a compelling message of how the Unstoppable Power of Intentional Enthusiasm accelerates personal performance and professional success. He has presented at over 5,000 events during his career.

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