Increasing Nonverbal, Verbal, and Listening Power

Increasing Nonverbal, Verbal, and Listening Power

Utilizing Power for Personal and Professional Success

After years of research and observational analyses, I have determined that most issues regarding communication and conflict in our professional and personal lives relate to power. Whether you are having an issue with defensive communication, status differentials, or conflict, understanding and increasing power can improve you personally and professionally. This program will incorporate humor, hands on activities, and group interaction in learning tangible ways to increase verbal, nonverbal, and listening power. Furthermore, this program will include a discussion of culture, gender, and generational differences in power, providing methods of improving communication competence and learning to empower others.

Dr. Joy Jones — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Joy Jones

Changing Lives through Communication

The Authority on Powerful Communication: A dynamic leadership and communication speaker, consultant, and leadership development specialist offering real world solutions and tangible results

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