From Movers to Motivators

From Movers to Motivators

Increasing Workplace Motivation and Accountability by Helping Employees Develop Generators

Leadership development researchers have become increasingly interested in factors that influence motivation of team members and employees. As Chan (1999) argued, “the question in leadership research is not only what an individual ‘can do’ (i.e., ability) but also what an individual ‘will do’ (i.e., motivation)” (p. 22). Although emphasis in training is often placed on ability and process clarity, the most important factor is to train leaders and managers to be able to motivate employees to complete tasks and follow-through with information learned in training. Performance is a product of the person and the environment (Lewin, 1943). Therefore, this training program will focus on understanding the impact of personality and the environment on motivation, follow-through, and accountability. Furthermore, this training will focus on how to improve and alter the environment and trainer-team member communication to leverage the skills and abilities of all employees. Participants will also learn to adapt their communication styles to leverage the personalities and abilities of diverse employees to create organizational and team productivity.

Dr. Joy Jones — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Joy Jones

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