As seen on America's Got Talent - Las Vegas!

As seen on America's Got Talent - Las Vegas!

Giani delivers with content, humor, entertainment and interaction!

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power." — Tony Robbins As seen on America's Got Talent - Las Vegas! You make 35,000 decisions every day and 50 percent of what happens to you is determined by choices. Decision making today is more important then ever. Look at all the chaos and distractions we are going though. Did you know your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time? From his 24 years of law enforcement (missing person, CSI and streets) to the Space Shuttle Challenger 51L disaster, teaching and NSA, Giani has learned that decision making can be costly in any occupation or corporation (especially when safety is involved). Just one decision could have saved seven astronaut lives. Now we have to deal with the Corona Virus hangover and chaos. Have the right decisions been made in your organization? Giani teaches the power of focus to make correct decisions in the present. Watch his Las Vegas and America's Got Talent skills combined with his education/job experience be used to bring a presentation like no keynote has ever done before! Decision making also applies to team building. Wait until you see the 8 person team building routine involving your CEO with a mentalism ending! Also how to manage time through science (not just another how to get organized lesson). Total interactive and tailored to your industry. Giani as a keynote speaker will not only deliver a speech but provide an interactive session that you will never forget. You can hire good speakers every month but with the subconscious making up 90 percent of the mind, most if not all  speakers will only address the conscious brain. Its like you are receiving 10 percent of the takeaways. Diiscover the difference with Giani. We are here 24/7 for booking worldwide: 210-219-5596, Feel free to call or text with any questions. AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! BIOGRAPHY: Education: Undergraduate and Advanced Degrees. Best on GigMasters Award 2022 Worked NSA (National Security Agency) 2016-2021 Cancer Survivor Licensed Remote Pilot Military: Air Force veteran Public School Educator (two districts) Crisis Intervention Certified Mental Health business consultant Certified Hypnotist Book: "Beside the Launch Pad" Eyewitness to the Space Shuttle Challenger 51L Disaster available on Amazon 23 years law enforcement experience (ask about university presentations on changing police times) Largest audience to date: 2400 (Austin, Texas - 2012) Standouts: 24 marathons and 6 Ultra marathons (motivational)

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent — Motivational Speaker

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent

Giani provides programs that include magic and mentalism!

Decision-making amongst all the chaos. How? Giani provides a Las Vegas value, audience-interactive, content-driven presentation you will never forget. A FULL-TIME national speaker, author, professional performer, and cancer survivor. Where magic and content collide with an unforgettable finish! Much more than a stand-up talk, it's a life-changing experience where the audience is 100 percent involved. Unlimited options and packages are available. A combined 90 reviews on GigSalad, GigMasters, and Google. Value-oriented. This is a new world now; things have changed. Sure, you can book a conventional speaker. Or, you can book an unconventional speaker who has adapted and presents a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about months, if not years, after your conference ends. Next stops: Indianapolis, North Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado Springs. New York, New Jersey, Kalahari Lake Chelan Resorts and Las Vegas. Quick connect: 210-219-5596

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