Embracing The Future

Embracing The Future

Leading the Uncertainty of Change

Change in the workplace can be one of the most unsettling, overwhelming matters to cope with. Throw in the inevitable new advances in tech or office software standards, and everything starts to get a bit turbulent. As the world adapts to the new digital age, it places more demand on industries and its workers. Eric Papp — a leader in effective workforces — delivers an inspiring keynote developed to encourage companies and their employees to face technology head-on. The session embraces uncertainty, addresses the negative emotions commonly experienced in a changing work environment, and shows listeners how to adaptively manage these emotions and reach higher levels of clarity. Eric stresses the importance of using open lines of communication to alleviate concerns and fear of change. His methods are proven to help employees breathe a sigh of relief when facing new technological implementations – offering the key to optimal comfort in a changing work environment and ensuring employee success. Providing your workforce with the tools they need to feel confident, Eric’s sessions leave audiences with an “I got this” attitude, as well as a model to help them embrace and accelerate through change. Learn Techniques Applicable in a Real, Changing World: · Change Accelerator Model · Keys to maintaining confidence during change · How a growth vs. fixed mind-set can help make everything better · Turning adversity into resilience

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert — Motivational Speaker

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert

Taking Effective Action for Managers and Sales Professionals

Audiences enjoy Eric’s impromptu humor, ability to understand their known unspoken challenges, and actionable strategies that produce an increase in confidence and performance. Serving: Annual Conferences, Sales Meetings, and Leadership Events.

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