CHANGE As An Opportunity

CHANGE As An Opportunity

Just One More Step

Change is the one thing in life that truly remains constant. It is how you and your team deal with change that can truly make the difference. In the face of change, what do you do? How do you gather the strength to keep on going? Change is hard any way you put it. Where can you find the courage to keep going? Learn from kids with cancer, long distance bike rides, and other experiences how to truly embrace change as the true OPPORTUNITY that it is. The more you and your team can embrace change when it strikes, the better positioned you are for the future, for mergers, for corporate purchases, and more. Learn how to apply persistence to difficult change, and how to continue in the face of adversity. Be inspired from true stories about kids with cancer, including a rendition of a song sang by a little girl during chemotherapy. We all face difficulties in life. Gain a new understanding of what we can do to move past these difficulties. Also learn about the 180 mile bike ride for kids with cancer that Ari has completed 6 times, and the troubles and travails that has brought at times. Main Takeaways -Learn how to keep moving forward with change -Gain the strength to see change through -Understand that the pain is part of the process -Be inspired by cancer patients This motivational speech can be presented as a keynote speech, conference speech, corporate event, and more.

Unlock Your Greatness: Ari Gunzburg — Motivational Speaker

Unlock Your Greatness: Ari Gunzburg

Live a life of purpose and achieve everyday greatness.

Guaranteed audience participation! Ari's speech includes a headstand, suggesting he’ll jump off a ladder (he won’t) and an offer to give away his shirt. It is non-stop fun, including vivid stories, free t-shirts for participants, and a meaningful takeaway. Give your audience an unforgettable experience while they learn a simple, easy to remember system for everyday greatness: The 5 Keys To Greatness.

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