"Outside The Cocoon"

"Outside The Cocoon"

"How Do I Get From Here To There?"

Students all over are preparing themselves academically for the world outside the cocoon of the classroom. How they think, plan for their future and behave while in school can affect them for the rest of their lives. As a former CEO and Founder of one of the best businesses in America, and an Adjunct College Instructor, Michael has been through almost every experience in the corporate world and academic world. In 2008 he presented the Keynote address at the New York Institute of Technology Graduate School Commencement for the MBA program. He has developed a program which is simple and works. As a college motivational speaker he has helped thousands of students become “Successful By Default” by helping them change their attitude about school and their purpose in life.

Michael Solomon — Motivational Speaker

Michael Solomon

The Problem Is You May Not Know The Problem!

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