Joy in a New Beginning

Joy in a New Beginning

Leading and Living with Integrity

Students today are faced with a host of decisions and opportunities as they navigate college. This program is not your run of the mill "try hard" "do your best" speech. Rather, this program seeks to engage through humor and substantive conversation students on a journey of self exploration and discovery. The program is framed in three tenets - the three tenets that frame my book, The Invitation to Love and frame the way I move about the world. Those three tenets of: Living in your truth, persevering, and having a healthy disregard for the impossible. The program seeks to help students explore their truths, passion and purpose - I speak to students about the realistic obstacles that might find them as they navigate life, and finally, how to foster hope (a healthy disregard for the impossible) when the temptation to quit is strong. The program closes by offering that by living in your truth, persevering, and having a healthy disregard for the impossible can serve you well in finding joy in all the new beginnings that lie aheads of you. Backed by years as an educator, and serving as a faculty member who studies college student development - I used my vast experience and knowledge to inform how I approach the conversation. This 30-45 minute program is dynamic: uses power point - not to lecture, but to frame the conversation. Relevant Credentials: PhD in College Student Affairs Administration Published research in reputable peer-reviewed journals Author of the book, The Invitation to Love that has been featured in AskMen, Bustle (the largest digital media group focused on women) and the Huffington Post

Dr. Darren Pierre — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Darren Pierre

Dynamic speaker and author of The Invitation to Love

Dr. Darren Pierre is an educator, speaker and author of the critically acclaimed book, The Invitation to Love. Darren speaks on living in your truth, perseverance, and having a healthy disregard for the impossible.

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