3 C's of A Diamond Organization:  Communication, Community and Culture

3 C's of A Diamond Organization: Communication, Community and Culture

Building a Healthy & Dynamic Community Culture With Effective Communication

Community is predicated upon and thrives on its ability to communicate. If the members of an organization are unable or unwilling to share ideas and thoughts clearly and understandably, then communication fails, and the community breaks down. Too often, people believe that they are communicating because they are speaking. The truth is that authentic communication only occurs when two or more parties are speaking, listening, interpreting, responding, clarifying, and understanding the meaning and intent of the message. If we fail at any one of the steps, we have not and are not now communicating. Each time we fail to convey meaning to another person, we squander an opportunity to create productive, impactful, and effective relationships. The Key Takeaways From The Three C’s of A Diamond Organization are: <> Every Organization is Essentially A Community <> Communication is Fundamental To Thriving Community <> Every Community Develops Its Own Culture <> Culture Defines and Determines the Future of a Community <> Transforming The Culture Transforms the Community <> Each Person in the Community Is Responsible For Its Success <> Learning To Communicate, Build Community & Establish Culture are Skills <> Discovering The Many Facets of Powerful Communication Participants will learn The Maturity Model for communication, community, and organizational culture building. The workshop will highlight the reciprocal responsibility for communication, address microaggression, bullying, passive/aggressive communication, and offer alternatives that build a healthy community and culture.

Garry M.Spotts — Motivational Speaker

Garry M.Spotts

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