The Secret to High-Performing Remote and Hybrid Teams

The Secret to High-Performing Remote and Hybrid Teams

Unlocking Your Company's Inflection Point

Format: 45-60 minute keynote (adaptable to workshop, breakout session, or fireside chat) This program is perfect for: + Managers and leaders navigating the complexities of remote and hybrid team management. + HR professionals and organizational leaders aiming to enhance remote work policies and practices. + Team members working in remote or hybrid environments seeking to improve team dynamics and performance. + Companies transitioning to remote or hybrid work models and looking for effective leadership strategies. The audience will leave with: + An understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in leading remote and hybrid teams. + Insights into why traditional management approaches fall short in remote settings and how to adapt. + Strategies for implementing servant leadership effectively in remote and hybrid teams. + Techniques to enhance team cohesion, communication, and performance in a virtual environment. + Tools to unlock higher levels of team performance and achieve ambitious outcomes and objectives. Program Description: "The Secret to High-Performing Remote and Hybrid Teams" is a cutting-edge program presented by Kurt Uhlir, addressing the critical need for effective leadership in today's increasingly remote and hybrid work environments. This program is designed for leaders, managers, and HR professionals who face the challenge of guiding teams that are not physically co-located. Kurt dives into the heart of why many managers struggle with remote and hybrid team leadership. He challenges the traditional belief that physical presence equates to productivity and demonstrates how this mindset can hinder the performance of remote teams. Through this program, Kurt reveals how the principles of servant leadership can be the key to unlocking the full potential of remote and hybrid teams. Attendees will learn how to apply servant leadership in a way that fuels individual and team performance, even when team members are not physically together. Kurt provides practical strategies for building trust, fostering open communication, and creating a sense of community, all of which are essential for high-performing remote teams. This program also explores how servant leadership can help teams achieve ambitious outcomes and objectives (OKRs) that might not be possible under traditional management styles. By the end of the session, attendees will have a toolkit of strategies and insights to transform their remote and hybrid teams into cohesive, high-performing units, capable of achieving exceptional results.

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Kurt Uhlir

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