Achieving Customer Satisfaction In Sensitive Situations

Achieving Customer Satisfaction In Sensitive Situations

For hospital staff, service contractors, and others in one-to-one situations with emotional and angry customers

Karen Shaper, M.A. teaches audiences how to actively listen, empathize, and effectively communicate in the most sensitive of situations. This presentation is full of takeaways that will last a lifetime. The delivery is fun-spirited and practical. This goes beyond communication basics and delves into sensitive situations many of us have experienced first hand with angry and emotional customers. Sample of Takeaways: - Using “I” vs. “You” language — saying the right thing to get the results you want. - Listening — Making everyone feel like they are the most import person. - Body Language — make sure your body language matches what you are saying With over 25 years in hospital customer service at the University of Michigan Health System and over eight years as a college level teacher and trainer for United Association (UA) of Plumbers and Pipefitters Karen has refined her presentation and takeaways across a variety of audiences and can customize to resonate with your organization’s particular needs. For availability and speaking fees contact Karen by using the “check availability” tool or call 734-846-3118.

Karen Shaper MA — Motivational Speaker

Karen Shaper MA

Leadership with a Purpose

Karen is an experienced and captivating speaker who possesses great skill in public speaking. She recognizes the significance of professionalism in today's world and remains dedicated to continuous learning to enhance effective communication. Her thought-provoking ideas are sure to inspire your audience to strive for personal growth, boost productivity, and achieve a work-life balance. Recently, Karen achieved another milestone by delivering a TEDx talk on the topic "What is your Purpose".

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